TRACK REVIEW: Modern Baseball “This Song is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens a New Pair of Socks”


Modern Baseball’s latest track doesn’t offer the courtesy of an introduction or a closing instrumental, starting immediately with a subdued garage rock vibe that stays consistent until it ends just as abruptly as it begins. But with a healthy dose of lo-fi panache, “This Song is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens a New Pair of Socks” addresses frontman Brendan Lukens’ struggles, both within the music industry and in his personal life as well.

The Philadelphia punk rockers strip down to basics – not just sonically, with driving riffs and keys reminiscent of church organs, but also in their modest request for something as simple as socks. The irony is that, in pursuit of his most essential needs, Lukens is willing to lay his frustrations with those around him completely bare. Socks can’t heal broken relationships, and from the level of discontent he’s espousing, it’s doubtful that such a simple comfort will be effective in providing him the same.

If that sounds a little gloomy, fear not – the song will rock your socks off! Find it on a split 7″ via Big Scary Monsters and Lame-O Records, alongside music from Thin Lips and The Superweaks. All three bands are touring together through Europe and the UK; you can listen to the single below.