Tristen’s “Catalyst,” the latest track from her 2014 release Caves, harkens back to a post-disco dance era. The electro-flute intro, thumping synthesizer and clean female vocals are immediately reminiscent of ABBA and Madonna, particularly with their classic pop tracks “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and “Get Into the Groove.”

“Catalyst” is a fun showcase of Tristen’s diversity as a songwriter. Though she’s always been loyal to the Nashville folk-pop scene, she can certainly hold her weight as a synth-pop singer. The song’s strongest features are its dance-ability and audible proximity to 70’s and 80’s club giants that beckon you groove along. Lyrically, “Catalyst” is a rather simple ditty, as most electro-pop songs are known to remain, but Tristen’s vocal style is unique, untarnished, and keeps things interesting. This track is ideal for your next party playlist.

Take a listen here: