TRACK PREMIERE: Stroamata “A Fantasy”


It’s 2015. If you’re reading this you survived and have made it to strut around the sun another year. You can swipe right and order up sex quicker than an egg roll from the Chinese place next door. It’s (at least in Brooklyn) culturally cool to have a partially shaved head but a bushy vagina, and mainstream media is finally attacking celebrities who say they aren’t a feminist.

What I’m trying to say is that we’re in the goddamn future, even though AC/DC is indeed headlining Coachella.

Now that the cultural context is set, let me go ahead and premiere the self-proclaimed “future rock” band, Brooklyn-based Stroamata‘s single “A Fantasy.” There may be an ironic tone to that title, as the sounds of the in-your-face song pulled me out of my day dreams into radical acceptance of now, for which I thank them. It’s good to get out of your head every now and again.

“Oh no no, I’ve had it all wrong. Life’s not short, it goes on and on…” the track warns.

With DJ Shadow-inspired industrial beats pressed through an alt-rock machine, the female-fronted group thrashes and tears to the front of the climacteric angst of the current musical moment kids crave still reeling from the shit show that was 2014.

Enjoy “A Fantasy” below.