TRACK REVIEW: Alessia Cara, “Here” (Mickey Valen Remix)


alessia cara remix

Def Jam’s Alessia Cara burst onto the scene this past April, with “Here”, a soul/R&B/jazz inspired anthem about the experience of being a wallflower amid a party full of folks who just don’t give a fuck (as the kids say) about who you really are. Surprising from an 18 year old – to be so bold about a sentiment that I can surmise many young women actually feel quite often, yet scant few are willing to admit to. The song showcases Cara’s stunning vocals (among her influences, she counts Amy Winehouse and Ed Shareen). She has been amply compared to Rihanna, etc, though I think her voice is actually much stronger.

Mickey Valen’s remix of the track, out today, transforms it into a darker, more sinister, insidious dance jam, with strategically-placed future bass that will get your heart pounding. In fact the whole song feels turned-up, indelibly so – with tiny, subtle transformations that one can’t exactly pinpoint but collectively make a huge impact: the sign of a deft remixer, indeed.

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