TRACK PREMIER: LongArms “Following Me”

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Youthful DJ and producer LongArms hails from Miami, but has centered himself in New York. He’s worked with B-Tips for the past two years as the co-founder of Famous NYC and CROCMODE, a series of parties held throughout the city, from the Lower East Side to Bushwick. With influences like Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots, Justice, and Daft Punk, LongArms hopes to take Electro Funk to the next level. There’s not much funkiness to his new single “Following Me,” but it’s a great dance song nonetheless.

The listener can easily fall into the rhythm of the quick and catchy opening beat of this track thanks to a very recognizable play off of the Daft Punk/Justice sound–evident, but in a subtle automated, sci-fi vibe (squiggling, shapeless noises, spacey synth), while the Justice influence shows itself in the incredible danceability (namely, the beat and shifts in melody). A robotic “yeah” is repeated in rising and falling tones. There’s a swirling mechanical noise that circles over and over for a minute about halfway through the song. Then, real dance tones come in, almost what you’d expect from an 80s hit – the kind of beat you can really roll your arms and bob your head to.

The track is fun without the bashing you over the head with the hypnotic haze of most club music, and the rhythm throughout keeps the energy level high. Justice and Daft Punk have been building success off of this for years: something repetitive, but dynamic, and fresh enough to keep you awake and involved.

Here’s “Following Me” on soundcloud: