TRACK OF THE WEEK: Bebe Panthere “Gimme All Your Money”

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Bebe Panthare
Steven Chu Photography

Brooklyn based pop diva Bebe Panthere (aka Effie Liu, former backing vocalist for French Horn Rebellion) might be classically trained on the piano and violin, but if “Gimme All Your Money,” the first single off of her upcoming EP Pink Sweat is any indication, she’s doing everything she can to defy her classical roots. With heavy bass lines, electronic instrumentation and sexually suggestive lyrics, “Gimme All Your Money” is about as far away from Mozart, Vivaldi or Brahms as you can get. Bebe Panthere’s more contemporary influences, mainly ‘80s pop and ‘70s punk, however can be easily detected throughout.

“Gimme All Your Money” sets off with a dynamic bass line that bends and shifts throughout the track. After minimal musical development, Panthere’s vocals enter into the mix. She starts off with a slow, breathy, sultry whisper. Her voice grows stronger as she sings for a fleeting moment until it climaxes into a growling squeal, only to instantly pull back. As if the various facets of her speaking and singing voice weren’t demonstrated clearly enough in the chorus and and opening verses, she even goes so far as to tack on a rap verse at the end.

A song titled “Gimme All Your Money,” is expected to possess a certain amount of attitude, and Panthere does not disappoint. The opening line, “Gimme all your money, hand it over honey” is repeated throughout for emphasis while the song transitions into new sections musically. The vixen assumes sexual dominance when she declares, “You and I are going to rage… tonight. Face the truth. Are you trying to be funny, be a dummy? I’ll take you to school.”  Though aggressive, she never appears as if she’s over exerting herself.  Words fall out of her mouth calmly and spontaneously as she transitions seamlessly from one style to another.

Bebe Panthere describes herself as une bébé dans la discothéque and I couldn’t agree more. From her textured, dynamic music to her haute pink colored hair, she’s as  confident musically as she is aesthetically arresting. Keep an eye out for Pink Sweat, but until then check out “Gimme All Your Money”, AF’s track of the week, below.


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