PET POLITICS: Hannah Teeter on Her Transformation From Vet’s GRL to Def.GRL

Hannah Teeter is sweet as pie in person and vicious as hell on the drum kit. She pairs her innately optimistic nature with her wicked energy to form a stage persona entirely singular. Hannah first started playing drums five years ago after forming the band Def.GRLS with buddies Craig Martinson and Mark Brickman. Def.GRLS released a couple EPs in between, embarked on their first tour this past March to SXSW, and are now in the process of releasing their first LP while simultaneously recording their next EP.

Photo Credit: Thomas Ignatius

Along with playing drums for one of the most unique projects in the Brooklyn scene, Hannah is a proud cat mom with a lot of experience cohabiting with an array of animals, from dogs to hissing cockroaches. While discussing our adoration of our feline friends, Hannah shared the fact that her father is a veterinarian with me (hence her colorful exposure to all types of species). Since Hannah is certainly a different animal on the stage than she is off the stage, I wanted to hear about how her massive love of all creatures influenced her own animal instincts on the stage.

AF: Please introduce us to your kitty.

HT: Please meet Igor! He’s a 12 and a half year old crotchety Siamese/raccoon mix and I sure do like him a lot :)

Hannah and Igor (all pet photos courtesy of Hannah and the Teeter family).

AF: How did Schmigor come into your life?

HT: My dad is a veterinarian back in Kansas, and he got a call one day from a former client who was distraught because she’d seen a mama cat and her band of feral kittens roaming around the neighborhood and they all looked pretty sick. My folks went out – I think armed with butterfly nets lol – and caught the kitties and their mom. My dad treated them all, spayed and released the mom and started to find homes for the little ones. Igor was the last one. He was pretty surly, so I don’t think anyone wanted him, and I wound up bringing the little guy back to New York.

Kitten Days: Hannah and baby Igor.

AF: Can you give us a run-down of your pet history?

HT: Oh jeez, we kinda grew up in a zoo! There were dogs: Bailey the Wonder Dog, Aggie the mean old yorkie and her sweet dumb son Ozzie who had rotting teeth and smelled like garbage, and the most handsome Irish setter known to man, Bowie. He’s old af but still kickin! There were cats: Claude, Wally, Petticoat, Truman, Ping, and Igor. There were snakes and rats and salamanders and crawdads and even some Madagascar hissing cockroaches for a while. And a hedgehog named Twiggy Fusebox.

Hannah and her family pets: Bowie, Aggie, Ozzie, and Petticoat.

AF: As a veterinarian, did your dad pass down any pet-rearing wisdom to you?

HT: Dry food is basically diabetes in a bag for cats! Feed ‘em the wet stuff so you don’t wind up having to hold them down while you spoon Karo syrup into their mouths when you find them in a diabetic coma (lookin’ at you, Claude).

Baby Hannah and Claude.

AF: Share your earliest animal-loving memory with us!

HT: Apparently our cat, Wally, taught me how to walk! My folks and my older brothers talk about how I would sit behind him and hold onto his tail. When he was ready to get up and move, I wouldn’t let go and he’d pull me up to my feet behind him. Who knows if this is truth or legend, but I like the story!

Wally and infant Hannah.

AF: When did you decide to pick up drumming?

HT: About five years ago.

Photo Credit: Mike Petzinger.

AF: What was it that made you gravitate towards the drums?

HT: Oh man. I feel like I’d always wanted to learn how to play drums ever since my brother’s high school band set up our basement as their practice space. I was probably about 7 or 8 years old and he showed me how to do a simple beat and I thought it was so cool mostly because he was paying attention to me and letting me hang out for a bit instead of yelling at me to gtfo. But then for the next 17 years, I didn’t touch the drums haha. So who knows?

Photo Credit: Michael Todaro.

AF: Tell us about Def.GRLS. How did the band start?

HT: I’d become good friends with Craig, who had a solo project and was also drumming in this incredible and incredibly weird and magical band called The Lesbians. He was teaching me how to play drums and when I was kind of struggling with the lessons, he convinced The Lesbians to let me learn how to play during their rehearsals. That was so freakin’ kind and cool of all of them and it was an amazing way to start making sense of the drums. It helped me think of drumming as part of the music as a whole rather than as isolated beats. They even let me play a few songs with them at their Halloween show, which was sadly their last performance. Out of the ashes of The Lesbians rose Def.GRLS with Craig on guitar, Mark (who had been playing guitar) on bass, and me on drums.

AF: You went on your first tour this past March. How was that?

HT: Holy cow, it was incredible!! So fun and exciting and exhausting. Everyone in every city along the way was really kind to us and was making amazing music.

Photo Credit: Luke Ohlson.

AF: Did you have a favorite city on your tour?

HT: I liked all of them a lot and they were all so different. I think my favorite, though, was Little Rock, AR. We played this really neat DIY house show at a spot called Hot Glory House that’s run by a magical boy named Carl Fike. After the show, a bunch of 18 year old punks took us to their favorite Waffle House and we did Madlibs and it ruled!

AF: Who babysat Schmigor while you were away?

HT: My incredible roommate, Tayler. He rules! He’s a legendary dude who’s also an artist and musician and he helped us master our album!

AF: Any funny or thrilling Schmigor tales to tell? 

HT: Haha, I don’t know if this is thrilling but it’s kinda cool I think. When I first brought Igor to New York with me, he was not at all interested in being around humans because he was a wild outdoorsy kitten. We kind of ignored each other for a couple months. Then, on the first cold night of winter, I woke up because there was a tiny furball basically trying to burrow into my armpit for warmth. After that night, he and I have been pretty much best friends. He’s super cuddly now! Loves a snuggle. Still prefers to burrow in armpits.

AF: Have you ever written any songs about (non-human) animals?

HT: Oh man – we had a song that never quite got finished about a cat with three eyes. It ruled! We gotta circle back and finish it!

AF: What is your favorite (non-human) animal song?

HT: I was gonna go with “Werewolves of London” but someone said that technically werewolves are sometimes human so it doesn’t count. So I guess my next choice would be “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Little Hannah and Bailey the Wonder Dog.

AF:  If Schmigor was a human, what career do you think he would pursue?

HT: Something where he could mostly nap, maybe catch a few flies, and slowly but methodically knock full glasses off the edge of tables. I guess maybe that means he’d be a happy hour bartender, just like me!

AF: What are your plans for the remainder of 2018 and beyond?

HT: Have fun! More late night jams with friends! Def.GRLS is also gearing up to start work on our Hollywood EP, which I’m pretty pumped about.


I’ve been called a masochist for going to Austin, TX’s South By South West festival so many years in a row. SXSW 2018 will be my eighth return trip and this year I’ll be an official artist with all three of my projects – Sharkmuffin, Ex-Girlfriends and Kino Kimino – totaling 17 sets in five days. Aside from the direct coffee IV I’ll be dragging around with me during the week, I’ll be taking my vitamins, (maybe) avoiding day drinking and eating at a lot of food trucks.

Navigating the music industry’s spring break for the first time can seem like a daunting task, so to help ease your South By South Stress, we talked to festival rookies Def.Grls and veterans Dentist, Leggy, and Boytoy, who have each made as many return trips to Austin as me.

Def.Grls (Brooklyn, NY)

AF: What about SXSW are you most excited about?

Mark: I’m most excited for all of the rock and roll, all of the debauchery, for all of the drugs, for all of the emotions and that I’m gonna win the official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup!

Craig: I’m most excited to visit the city of Austin for the first time. I’m excited for my first ever SXSW experience. I’m excited for Mark to do all the drugs and feel all the emotions. And I can’t wait to win the official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup!

Hannah: I’m most excited for my first ever tour and that I get to be with the GRLS! I’m also excited to play a house show on the way at Carl Fike’s house in Little Rock!!! I’m also most excited by how Craig is already negative points in the official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup!

AF: What was booking your first tour like?

Craig: Hannah was the mastermind behind this tour so we’ll let her field this one.

Hannah: It was really confusing and hard and fun! And mostly successful due to the kindness of strangers on the internet. I went to bandcamp and listened to, like, infinity bands in the different cities that would maybe make sense to stop at along the way, and when I found one I really liked, I reached out being like “Hey, you wanna be friends??” And they all put me in touch with a second or third or fourth person who helped us set up all the shows along the way. So freaking cool and friendly.

AF: What SXSW shows are you playing?

Def.GRLS: We’re playing 4 unofficial showcases in Austin! Starting things off with a daytime set on Wednesday the 14th at the 6th annual Uglyfest at Cherrywood Coffeehouse and then playing again that night at the Nochebuena in Space party at Stay Gold! Then on Thursday the 15th, we’re playing on the Midcoast Takeover stage at Shangri-la (where Hannah’s brother is running sound!). Then on Saturday the 17th we’re going to wrap up our time in Austin at the Indicate Interest day party showcase at Hops and Grain!

AF: How are you going to pass the time on the road on your way to Texas?

Craig: We love to do Madlibs, listen to Aqua…

Mark: …pray to Ihop (rule #23 in the official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup!)

Craig: …gossiping about our frenemies. But mostly participation in the official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup is very demanding of our mind, body and soul.

Hannah: So true. The official Def.GRLS tour game: The Great American Hero’s Quest; The Race for Badger’s Cup tests each GRL’s mental, physical and psychic strengths. It says so right on the first page:

Mark: Hannah’s in the lead. But I’m gonna win. 4glory!!



Dentist (Asbury Park, NJ)

AF: What’s your favorite food truck / venue in Austin?

Our experience is somewhat limited at this point, but when we were there in 2016 we really enjoyed playing at the Hard Luck Lounge because they had a great outdoor section and a food truck outside with very tasty snacks. We always like playing outside when it’s nice out.

AF: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at SXSW?

One of the days when we were hanging out and drinking, we ended up at some cowboy bar and this older guy, probably in his 60s or 70s, asked me to square dance with him. Turns out he must have been a professional or something. Even though I frequently line danced to “Achy Breaky Heart” in middle school during gym class, I couldn’t keep up and had to sit down after 15 minutes or so.  Not sure how crazy that is, but it’s a funny memory that comes to mind.

AF: What are your tips for surviving SXSW?

I think it’s all about a mindset. Normally at a certain point you would say to yourself, “I’m tired, time to go home,” but you just have to tell yourself that it’s only one week, and you can find time to sleep at some other point in the future.

AF: What showcases are you playing, and what showcases or bands are you the most excited to go see?

Our official showcase is at BD Riley’s on March 15th at 10pm. Then we are playing two awesome unofficial shows with amazing lineups; the first one is March 15th starting at 4pm at Hard Luck Lounge and is presented by Little Dickman Records, the other is presented by Little Dickman Records, CoolDad Music, and Garden State Beards and is at Valhalla on March 17th starting at 11am. We are down to take on more stuff, so if anyone reading is doing a showcase and wants to reach out, go for it! We are really excited to see Wavves, Andrew W.K, Sharkmuffin, Parrot Dream, Fruit and Flowers, Ex Girlfriends, Pink Mexico, Beams, Albert Hammond Jr., Anna Burch, High Waisted, Kino Kimino, Boytoy, Grace Vonderkuhn and a bunch more I’m sure.


Boytoy (Brooklyn, NY)

AF: What’s your favorite food truck / venue in Austin?

Hotel Vegas always has rad stuff going on. If we’re not playing a show we usually end up just hanging around there. We love the Bloody Marys at Rio Rita’s. Cheer Up Charlie’s is always a good show. And Spider House.

AF: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at SXSW?

Chase: I MET MY TOP HEROES IN THE SAME DAY! I woke up and saw Michelle Obama speak on a panel, kissed Iggy Pop’s hand, saw the late Leon Russell play, and ran into Erykah Badu like three times.

Sara: Glenn and I did acid and watched Jacuzzi Boys play at Hotel Vegas. Everyone around us was so drunk and destroying the tree in the yard and that’s where I think it went downhill for Glenn. We went to see Sheer Mag play a show on a foot bridge at like 2am. The bridge was definitely swaying and Glenn kept checking the date the bridge was constructed thinking if it was gonna collapse she had her exit plan.

AF: What are your tips for surviving SXSW?

Adderall and day drinking. Don’t try to overachieve on show hopping. It’s usually better to pick a showcase and stay put for a few hours to avoid all the chaos.

AF: What showcases are you playing and what showcases or bands are you the most excited to go see?

This year is going to be crazy for us! We’re doing Burgerama, Wienermania, Desert Daze, Pond Magazine, Cult Citizen, Quit Your Day Job, Onward Indian, Little Dickman, Siren Sounds, Panache Hangover, and a couple of house parties.

Our schedule is so crazy that I’m not sure we’ll be able to have much free time to see other shows! Basically just the bands that will be playing right around our set times, so it’s cool most of them are our friends. We’ve found it’s better to stumble into thing rather than try to plan a schedule. The random finds are always the most gratifying. Chase wants to catch Princess Nokia.

Leggy (Cincinnati, OH)

AF: What’s your favorite food truck / venue in Austin?

I really like the Whip In! We played there one SXSW – it’s a corner store, bar, venue, and Indian food restaurant combo. Pretty dank. Spider House and Cheer Up Charlies are also really great and beautiful.

AF: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at SXSW?

We once rented a one bedroom apartment with three other bands, and that also included their assorted roadies, pals, and makeout partners. It was something like 22 people in there. Pretty amazing that anyone found a place to smooch! ;)

AF: What are your tips for surviving SXSW?

Go with the flow. Don’t be stressed if you can’t stick to a laid out plan of bands you want to see – things are crazy but fun! Always budget more time than you think you’ll need to make it to shows, especially if you’re playing. Austin is HOT! Bring sunscreen and summer clothes. Talk to everyone and make friends. You’ll probably see them again next year!!!

AF: What showcases are you playing & what showcases / bands are you the most excited to go see?

Shows Leggy is playing:
3/12 Strange Brew at Volstead Lounge @ 5:45pm
3/13 Ground Floor Booking showcase at Love Goat @ 7pm
3/13 Room 484 Showcase at Fine Southern Gentlemen @ 11:45pm
3/14 Outer Orbit Booking Showcase at Stay Gold @ 11pm
3/15 Grey Estates Showcase at Voodoo Donut @ 3:30pm
3/15 That’s What She Said Showcase at 1811 Rosewood @ 8pm
3/15 Howdy Gals Showcase at Hole in the Wall @ 10:30pm
3/16 Escapes House Party @ 5pm
3/17 Burgermania at Hotel Vegas @ 5:45pm
3/17 Howdy Gals Party at Beerland @ 10pm

I’m most excited to check out the Old Flame Records Showcase at Swan Dive on 3/17 to catch some pals from Cincinnati (Lung and Dawg Yawp). I also really want to catch Say Sue Me (from Korea) because we are touring with them next month!

Make your band’s first or fifth trip to SXSW easier by…

  1. Finding your place to crash well in advance. Airbnbs can be $600 (or more!)  a night. If you’re stuck sleeping in your van, there’s a nice lobby at the downtown Hilton where I’ve taken many mid-day naps while charging my phone.
  2. Packing Light. You’ll be out all day, so other than your music equipment you’ll only want a light (possibly free if you’re official) backpack.
  3. Putting your name, phone number and/or some kind of unique look on all your gear. There are so many bands’ shit lying around,  it’s good to be able to easily and quickly identify your own stuff.
  4. Keeping business cards & stickers handy.
  5. Making time to see bands you wouldn’t normally see in your hometown. SXSW is all about the parties, but it’s also a great time to network and connect with folks from DIY scenes in other cities.
  6. Drinking lots of water. SXSW is one massive day drinking contest. You can win if you remember to hydrate!

MORNING AFTER: Ricotta French Toast with Def.GRLS

“I can’t really talk, I’m having brunch with…” I play with my platinum blonde wig and tug the string of my leopard print bikini top while addressing the poor Fios representative at my door. “…clients right now.” Behind me Mark Brickman and Hannah Teeter are picking out our audio-video entertainment (the Go-Go’s are a must, Metalocalypse is a strong contender, but they’re considering all my Buffys) and behind them Craig Martinson is unloading my cabinets. Saturday morning breakfast at my apartment; it’s every guys’ fantasy, and some guys’ very disorienting reality.

But they aren’t guys, they’re Def.GRLS.

Again, that includes Craig (guitar, brought the King’s Hawaiian Sweetbread Rolls, eggs, and syrup) Hannah (drums, brought the Shiny Ruby RedBird beer) and Mark (bass, brought the sriracha and his sparkling personality). And despite the very romantic sitch of this being my apartment/me being half-naked, I targeted Def.GRLS because they are fun AF. Swirling, maddening, neon, glitter-smeared, fun.

What’s funny is that you can actually hear a retro element in their songs. Craig and Mark pair high-pitched harmonies a Beach Boy would be proud of. “FinGRLess Lady” sounds like forty chopped-up Beatles songs smashed back together (is it? Maybe?) AND YET, Def.GRLS is down to tailspin into complete musical psychosis. Surf riffs turn into disco beats and marry robotic overlays, and that’s just in the mouthful of a song, “The Four Horsemen of the Acapulcolypse (War, Famine, Pestilence and Dance).” But while there’s audience awe, there’s never bafflement, just a resounding feeling of “Yaaaaas.”

So I’m bikini-clad with the wonderful Def.GRLS because when the seasons heat up, I prefer to have fun then fall in love.

That’s always my plan, anyway.

The Scene: When we’re scheduling this at Union Pool Mark asked if I come over and make them breakfast, and Craig stressed, “We make her breakfast.” I didn’t correct this, because I am a strong, independent woman who likes having people feed me and do my dishes.

Anyway, we’re at my McGolrick Park-side apartment, which is very Kate Spade-meets-pop-art-meets-pop-culture-meets-clinical depression.

2:51 Charly Bliss’s Guppy is already in my record player so we play side A as a prequel to Metalacalypse-Go-Go’s. Hannah and I are sharing her e-cig (read: I took it from her; I have boundary issues) and among chit-chat about Adam West and teeny mags she explains, “I’m new to the vape pen. Douchebag, what a douchebag,” she rolls her eyes (metaphorically) at the idea. “I haven’t had a fire cigarette in like 33 days, and I was smoking like a pack a day. And this is like…I don’t know. I feel better. It’s crazy. But also everything smells so bad all of a sudden.”

What she’s smelling is New York in heat, but I get the feel. “When I was smoking Njoys religiously I was like, this isn’t a real cigarette, I’m just a fucking asshole,” I confess. We decide to check on the boys who insist we don’t lift a finger, and to get breakfast-ready Craig puts on his matted blonde stage wig.

“Now we’re making breakfast.” “Now we’re making breakfast.” Mark and Hannah overlap each other before we all cheer at this transformation.

“Dude, that wig looks like it’s had some adventures,” I observe. It has.

“For our record release I had a batch of fake blood. I dumped it all over myself,” Craig says. “So every time I sweat at the show I end up stained red. Worth it.”

“Definitely worth it,” Mark echoes.

“You guys are like the funnest band,” I say.

“You are!” Mark shoots back

“I am not the funnest band,” I take a sip of my beer. “That’s just fake.”

3:19 While Mark (unsuccessfully) tries to teach me how to open a beer bottle with a lighter, we compose a Mad Lib. Hannah has the job of reading it back to the group.

“This Mad Libs is called, ‘I Do, I Dance.'” She says. “‘You’re sure to find hairy dancing at wedding receptions. There’s something very special and pubically touching when the bride and dick have the first dance and husband and wet fart.'”

Mark: “Yes, yes.”

“’And doesn’t the father-sadist dance always bring tears to your mega dick?‘”

Mark: “For sure.”

Craig: “Yeah.”

“‘But when the DJ starts playing sexingly the wedding classics, that’s when the orphan fun begins. Who doesn’t love the chicken dance, when you poke out your uvulas and flap them around?‘”


Craig: “That’s actually what it is.”

Mark: “It is now.”

“‘There’s the conga line, where you grab someone by the jumbo dicks, fall in line, and snake around Mary Grace’s house.'”

Mark: “YES, YES.”

“‘The hokey-pokey’s great too. You put your right butthole in, you put your right butthole out, you put your right butthole in and you twerk it all about.’

Craig: “Yes.”

Mark: “Twerk it all about, that’s exactly right.”

“That is how you twerk,” I think. “‘Yes, wedding receptions are where it’s at. Just don’t get so caught up shaking your groove twerk-jerk that you forget to eat a super groovy piece of wedding chunks-blown.'”

More cheers erupt, as we’re all very proud of our verbal Frankenstein.

3:25 The phenomenal Vacation is on, the coffee’s done brewing, and I’m explaining my family tradition of making vomiting noise whenever I pour milk out of a cow creamer. They’ve also selected mugs that speak to each of them on a soul level: Hannah went with the (millennial?) pink mug with the skull and crossbones, while Mark settled on the timeless and elegant piggy mug. And Craig?

“I chose the ‘Queen of Fucking Everything’ mug,” He announces.

“Of course you did,” I reply. Duh.

“I thought the [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][Disney] princess mug was yours,” Mark remarks.

“It is mine, I have a Sailor Moon one, too.” I look into the cabinet. “Should I do unicorns or Ava Gardner?”

“Both,” Mark and Hannah chorus.

Cups acquired, I pour coffee and milk-vomit for the gang. Mark oinks when I pour his, which is all I ever wanted.

3:35 So we’re diving into this breakfast of Craig’s design, and he’s explaining how you put ricotta cheese on the french toast first, then fresh raspberries and blackberries, and then top it off with syrup. Tl;dr it’s like taking your taste buds to Disneyland.

BUT ANYWAY, our talk turns to how excited we are about their gig at the GP Stripes Northside Showcase tonight.

“Dude, it’s going to be the best. It’s all my faves. Holy Tunics!” Mark says.

I nod.”Fucking Holy Tunics and then Sic Tic closing it out.”

“Sic Tic! I love Sic Tic.” Mark says (legit everyone’s reaction when I mention Sic Tic).

“They’re so good, they’re so friendly,” Hannah adds.

“They’re good people,” Craig says. “We had two shows back-to-back, they saw us by chance, and they were like, ‘Oh you guys are playing tomorrow night? We’ll come.’ And they did.”

“And nobody ever comes when they say they’re going to come! I was like, ‘WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?'” Hannah throws in before my phone starts to buzz.

“OH, I’m gonna talk to my dad real quick,” I say, excusing myself from the table as Hannah calls, “Hi, dad!” after me.

3:50 Hannah’s talking about her upbringing in Kansas when Mark quips, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

“Good one Mark, that’s really funny,” Hannah deadpans.

“I just made that up,” Mark says. “I’m a joke-writer in my free time.”

“You’re on the Jimmy Fallon team,” Craig confirms.

“All the hits,” Mark tables back.

“Name one.”

Drew Carey.”

“You wrote for a sitcom?”

“Back in my earlier years.”

“You were like 12?”

“All the funny jokes are mine. All the not funny ones were that other guy.”

“Mark wrote Mimi.”

Hannah interrupts their ping-ponging with, “Mimi is what my parents called me when I was in seventh grade and learning how to do my make-up.”

“I think you should bring that back,” Craig says. We decide, instead, to do a Mimi-inspired look for Craig to wear to the showcase tonight. Luckily I have sapphire eyeshadow in droves.

3:59 After I make the switch from Vacation to Beauty and the Beat, I realize how much noise we’re making, and how my Ukrainian landlady can probably hear every horrifying conversation. “But it’s the middle of the day. There’s nothing I’m technically doing wrong, except, like, cooking,” I shrug.

All the while I decide to let my social media feed know that I’m still having fun, so I start composing a status before I need to be a journalist and fact-checker.”Wait, how do I spell Def.GRLS? GRLS is capitalized, right?”

“There’s a period in the middle, no space. We were actually like ‘how annoying do we want to make this’? We decided on maximum,” Craig says. “There’s no vowels, there’s punctuation, GRLS is all capital, it’s very specific.”

“We get so mad when people spell it wrong,” Mark says.

“Well, that’s our job,” Craig replies.

Def.GRLS and I end up separated for an exhausting 5 hours, reuniting (as promised) at their Northside gig, where they brought the madness full force. Partying ensued. But around 2 am I impulsively decided to Irish exit (incidentally leaving Mark with my phone charger). As I stumbled down the street I received a Facebook message from Craig saying that he was sorry they forgot to give me a shout out. But they did write me this song:

Mary Grace

I ate breakfast at your place

Put your makeup on my face

Mary Grace

I had to leave your embrace

For our practice space

Oh dear, oh god, oh no, we’re all going to fall in summer love. Can’t you feel it?

You can stream Def.GRLs on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, and party with them anytime.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]