PREVIEW: Who to Catch at Governor’s Ball



Governor’s Ball is New York’s rain or shine music festival that is the official kick off of the summer. We all love to hate it, and hate to love it. There’s twelve dollar Foster beers, long-ass ferry lines, and kids on weird drugs. Most importantly though, there is always an awesome bill . I think the thing I enjoy most about the Governor’s Ball lineups, is how perfectly curated they are to hit every type listener. Here’s AF’s picks on who to make sure NOT to miss this year. It’s two weeks away, who are you excited to see?

Diarrhea Planet

These Nashville boys are playing the festival on Saturday. Diarrhea Planet definitely fits in the mold of what’s happening in Brooklyn right now. The grungy catchy punk-rock sound that is both serious (in the sound department) yet fun party music at the same time. This set is bound to get rowdy. Here’s a track called “Hot Spit” from their new EP Tama-Uba.


Deafheaven is black metal band based in San Francisco. Most people wouldn’t place theatrical and metal in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what they encapsualte. If you like hard hitting music, as well as fast-paced and engaging sets, you’re going to kick yourself if you miss their set on Saturday. Below is their most popular track  “Dream House.”


The femmes are most definitely fans of local boys, SKATERS. Their new album, MANHATTAN, has been on repeat on my Spotify since it’s release in February. Below is their video “Miss Teen Massachusetts,” where the boys are basically trapped in, working at, and patients of a mental institution. Their set on Sunday will definitely be a dance party.

The Strokes

What new and sassy thing can I possibly say about the Strokes that hasn’t already been written on a music blog? I’m not sure. But I love them, a lot. They’re one of the headliners for Saturday. Find me in the crowd during their set, we can dance to Last Nite together. This is my favorite track off their first record.


I first discovered Spoon in my Freshman year of High School from one of The O.C. Mixes. Yup, the truth comes out 8 years later, but I’m not ashamed. Formed in 1993, with 7 albums and 11 years under their belt, Spoon cannot be tamed. They’re one of the main Saturday acts, and I definitely think you’re going to want to be up close for this one, folks.


Similar to Spoon, Interpol has been around for a long ass time as well. Adding to the Sunday bill a long list of gut punching sing a longs. Out Love To Admire from 2007 is definitely on the list of albums I have completely overplayed. Here’s my favorite song off of it:


NYC based heartthrobs with a sprinkling of Brits, yeah yeah yeah we get it. Their lyrics are emotional (wannabe Morissey in the best way possible), and your songs are catchy and pop goodness. Playing around the boroughs often in little venues and bars, I am extremely curious to see how The Drowner’s sound will translate on Friday. My guess, is smashingly. Their video for Luv, Hold Me Down is perfect representation of what I’m talking about. Enjoy.

Washed Out

This band never fails to make me feel ALL of the feels. Their songs all mesh into one long performance of swaying with your eyes closed. Although all possess a different type of sound, when heard, each album screams “this is a Washed Out album.” Their set will be one filled with every type of music listener. Below is my favorite video of theirs, but I am warning you not to watch it if you are emotionally unstable. Seriously.


Although their set at Coachella didn’t receive the best reviews, I honestly do not care. I really just want to sing a long every word of Roses, ok? I also strongly believe that seeing Outkast live is one of those things you’re supposed to write on your bucket list. This video is still golden 11 years later.

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