TRACK REVIEW: White Arrow “I Want a Taste”

White Arrows band

Ever since their psych-pop debut album Dry Land is Not a Myth  (2012), White Arrows’ sound has proven to pervade the alt-rock scene, particularly in their native Los Angeles. The premiere of their newest track “I Want a Taste” precedes the release of their sophomore album In Bardo, due out in September. The new album’s namesake represents the band coming into a new stage in their career, a liminal state for the band in which they must bridge the gap between being an “up-and-coming” act and a seasoned one, and that involves a great deal of introspection. Experience-wise, they’ve transitioned easily, touring as support with bands like Cults, The Naked and Famous and Santigold. These perspectives are precisely what we get with “I Want a Taste,” a slight enough departure from their regularly up-tempo, pop-oriented sound to demonstrate that the band is coming into their own.

The song opens with a whirring bass, contrasting starkly with vocals harmonies that ring clearly through the steady electronic beat that backs most of the track. About halfway through, a wildly unexpected heavy guitar interlude interrupts the pensive quest of the track up to that point – a raw, ragged burst entirely new to the band’s repertoire that enhances the psychedelic subtleties at the foundation of the song. Its grandiose scope reflects both the buzzy whirlwind that White Arrows came up in as well as their practiced ability to project dynamic sonic textures to wide audiences, like those they’ve played to at Coachella and Sasquatch.

Much like debut single “Leave It Alone,” “I Want a Taste” is a well-produced, unifying track that promises strong momentum for a band with a lot to offer going into their second album. White Arrows is currently on tour with The Neighborhood and will embark on a headlining tour very soon. Check out visuals for the song below:


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