PHOTOS: Thee Oh Sees @ L.A.’s Eagle Rock

San Francisco’s Thee Oh Sees are widely acclaimed as one of the best regularly touring live acts, and if you’ve ever been to an Oh Sees show, it’s easy to understand why.  The band’s catalogue is full of rowdy surf punk gems, guaranteeing a lively set list for each and every show.  The members of Thee Oh Sees go on to execute them perfectly, as though they’ve played them a million times – but each performance feels like the first in terms of its energy and urgency.  John Dwyer is an indefatigable front man, spitting and sweating and shouting and yelping and sounding like pretty much no one else; Brigid Dawson’s keys and backup vocals are the perfect foil, the duo possessing a synergy unseen since Frank Black and Kim Deal shared a stage.  But it’s hard to take your eyes off Mike Shoun, whose pummeled, abused drum kit often creeps toward the edge of a stage.  He plays as though he’s octopus in the body of a musician.  Petey Dammit nails it down with unrelenting bass and hilarious stage banter.  And you never really know who else might show up; Thee Oh Sees have toured with lots of additional musicians and featured countless stage set-ups.

In support of this year’s excellent Floating Coffin LP, Thee Oh Sees embarked on cross-country tour.  Their last stop was an all-ages show at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts in Los Angeles, and AudioFemme’s West Coast photographer Michelle Halac got some amazing shots.  See for yourself below!

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