NEWS ROUNDUP: FJM, Elliot Smith & Philadelphia




We’re not going to talk about Kanye’s Twitter breakdown. Here’s some real music news instead:

  • FJM Posts Creepy Lullaby to SoundCloud

    Last weekend, most of us were stuck inside while snow piled up, and it looks like the cabin fever got to Father John Misty pretty early. On Saturday, he uploaded a hilariously terrifying lullaby to SoundCloud. According to its description, the song was written for a Stephen Colbert skit but had to be cut for time/content. Well, the content is a super creepy description of a very, very bad dream, which includes a pile of dead birds, maggot-filled Lunchables, and human hair hats.

  • Unreleased Elliot Smith Track Now Available

    The upcoming Elliot Smith documentary Heaven Adores You will feature a new mix of the track “True Love,” which was originally recorded in 2001 with Jon Brion. According to the documentary’s producer, Kevin Moyer, it was one of the last songs Smith played at Largo, a L.A. music club where Smith would usually play after-hours sets. He also said that the gentle, haunting track originally started out as focused on love, but then shifted to drugs: “My love had gotten so strong, just to try to being back on my own/ I had to go to rehab.”

    “True Love” and other rare or unreleased Elliot Smith songs will be available on the Heaven Adores You soundtrack, available February 5th. Listen to “True Love” here, or the full soundtrack at NPR, and check out the documentary trailer below.


Interesting Revelations Arise About Bowie & Michael Jackson

  • Maybe this isn’t so surprising, but Coldplay’s Chris Martin and  Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed that the late David Bowie turned down offers to collaborate with and produce the two bands.

    I played a lot of Sonic The Hedgehog as a kid, and the mere mention of the video game gets its theme music stuck in my head for hours. Turns out there’s a good reason it’s so catchy: Michael Jackson wrote a lot of it, but asked to remain uncredited when he realized his music would be translated into synth-y video game sounds instead of gamers hearing his original recordings.


  • Important News For Philly Musicians

    A proposed bill in Philadelphia, PA would require all performers playing at venues with a 50+ capacity to give their names, addresses and phone numbers to police. Police would then create a registry of entertainers, and be able to prevent certain acts from playing in the city if their events have previously been associated with violent incidents. A petition against the bill states that, “Not only is it unnecessary and likely to cause a massive administrative backlog, it’s a gross violation of our civil liberties. Philadelphia is currently one of the best cities in the country for live music-this bill would make it one of the worst. We call on City Council to reject this dangerous, costly, and unnecessary bill, and to continue to protect the civil rights of its residents.” We agree- if you do too, you can sign the petition here.



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