FIRST GLANCE: Video Premier, Moxxi “From Here To Oblivion”




“From Here To Oblivion”, lead track off of the forthcoming EP due out 11/25 from MOXXI, is the perfect high energy pop jam to assist in our transition from those languid, lackadaisical final days of summer, straight into full gear for fall, ready to obliterate anything that stands in the way of forward momentum. Full of driving disco beats from start to finish and edgy minor synth melodies lines, the track harkens back to our very favorite 1990s electropop – palpable inducement to nostalgia over first heartbreaks, best friend drama and middle school basement dance parties. MOXXI’s voice -at times dark and sensual, and at others playful and impish- is undoubtedly what carries the track from one motif to the next, from dance-y to low tempo orchestral with tinges of introversion, and back again, and conveys perfectly the song’s underpinning concept: that of leaving someone who hurt you in the dustbins of history, of “burning the castle down” so to speak, and never looking back. Cheers, indeed, to oblivion.

The video, premiering today on Audiofemme, is a twisted adaptation of the beheading of Marie Antoinette, though one wouldn’t necessarily surmise this upon watching it for the first time. It begins with the songstress outdoors at night, covered in what could be described as primordial goo, with a masked, torch-bearing executioner standing behind her. Ominous in its conceit, we watch as layers of dirt and debris are lifted away, as she is consumed by ash, confetti and glitter. At the end a heavy curtain of smog hides her frame, only for her to emerge intact, not destroyed. We find out that our protagonist rose from the metaphorical ashes. That the assailant perhaps became the victim in the end.

Watch the video here, via Youtube, and decide for yourself.

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