EP REVIEW: Anne-Simone “Bittersweet”

Anne-Simone PR 1
What goes into the making of a single song? Aside from writing the lyrics and instrumentals, you have to record-mix-edit every second of each recording. Mixing software and code are all things foreign to me. What if there was somehow to see the code in a way that we could understand and actually appreciate? Anne-Simone has brought together both worlds of song making.
Seattle-based and self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Anne-Simone is a positive indie-pop genius.
Genius because the lyrics in her new single “Digitize Me,” compose a computer program. She explains,”This song has a twist. The lyrics make up a running computer program…I was pondering on this well-known quote, ‘programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute,’ and went ahead and applied it quite literally!” For those that wonder why would she go through the trouble (other than discovering a super unique way to build a song), she’s also a software creator. You can check out the code here.
Anne-Simone’s six-track EP Bittersweet is set to release January 11th. It’s a short dip into her harmonious world. And although she insists that her cup is half-full always, her songs sound hazy. I found her to be admittedly melancholy, like in “Gone So Long” where she showed a more vulnerable self aside from her usual quirkiness in “Digitize Me.” Her lyrics in “Let the Heart,” make her seem to question a critical lover: “I am not a freak, not just a geek. I am not the flavor of the week.” Her song-writing skills shine in the bridge, featuring bongos and what sounds like a jungle theme, she can be super fun even if she’s feeling wistful. And then there’s “Bittersweet,” a ballad constructed with piano and her recurring dismal yet hopeful thoughts. “Fire Rainbow” might flow like the other tracks but contains extra elements with her use of imagery, “…came into my life like summer rain.” “Unsaid” was my favorite track on her new EP; although all her tracks were peaceful and friendly, this one really flowed benignly through me.
It would seem that Anne-Simone has it all figured out. She prides herself in being upbeat, optimistic, and poised. While all that may be true, her new EP mirrored a different side of her- a little dim, sometimes blue. She may be a software creator but not everything is as uniformed as binary numbers; Bittersweet proves that life is more complex.
Whether you will be hanging around the Northwest or not, you can check out her dancing to “Digitize Me” in what looks like the inside of a computer chip.

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