LOUD & TASTELESS: Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem

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Every Thursday, AudioFemme profiles a style icon from the music world. This week our icon is Brian Fallon, who embodies Johnny Cash plus tattoo sleeves. He can wear the same white t-shirt one hundred different ways, all while keeping a lit cigarette in his mouth during a photo shoot. Despite being a scruffy New Jersey native, Fallon gives charming a new look: newsy caps, flannel, and wayfarers. Similar to Bruce Springsteen—whom Fallon holds a penchant for—he carries that similar Jersey character with a badass edge. But don’t be mistaken: the influences are just that, and Fallon is forging his own path with his unique style.
Frontman and guitarist for The Gaslight Anthem, Fallon and the boys regularly sell out shows at The Stone Pony in their home state. The whole band keep their punk fashion intact while performing; Benny Horowitz, Alex Rosamilia, and Alex Levine sport sleeveless tees, leather jackets and vests over hoodies to complete their unkempt yet dapper style. The Gaslight Anthem may have been around for about seven years, but their style has remained classic and bonafide, much like their music.
If you’re unfamiliar with this week’s style icon or The Gaslight Anthem as a whole, consider checking out their debut 2007 record, Sink or Swim. Fallon’s rusty voice makes it easy to imagine his rugged looks and New Jerseyan roots.
The band are currently on tour through the U.S., but in the meantime you can get a look at their style through their music video for the single off their third album, “American Slang,” below!