BEST OF 2015: The Year In Lyrics

Words are pretty weird. One alone is easy to understand, almost impossible to misinterpret. But string a bunch of them together, and it gets more complicated (as well as beautiful, descriptive, romantic or hurtful). One line can make you remember a song forever, or dismiss it entirely. Out of all of the thousands, maybe millions of lyric that were recorded [...]

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BEST OF 2015: Our Favorite Frontwomen

Lukas Keapproth/AMERICAN-STATESMAN 2015 was a great year for women in music. Specifically, for women who front a band as both a singer and guitarist. While we've reached a point where it's not totally necessary to point and shout every time we find an amazing band  led by a female musician (it's becoming one of [...]

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CMJ 2015: Top 10 Parties Not To Miss

Unless you've been living under a rock or completely off the grid since fall started, you know that CMJ, possibly the best festival for discovering new music, is taking over NYC next week. There's no way to see everything, but here's some CMJ parties you definitely cannot miss (including ours): 10/13 - 7:30 pm - Good Room - Garage [...]

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PLAYLIST: The Best Shows You Haven’t Missed This Summer

It's already August, and if you're like me, a certain kind of panic is starting to set in: Summer is almost over! The descent into crippling cold weather will begin soon! Well, the first day of Fall is September 23rd, which means there's still over a month left for rooftop parties, iced coffee, and frolicking [...]

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PLAYLIST: The Top Acts To Catch At Northside Festival

Hey Brooklyn! What are you doing next weekend? Really, the only acceptable answer is seeing at least one of these bands at Northside Festival, which runs from June 11-14 and hosts shows in venues from Acheron  to Warsaw. The schedule is packed with amazing artists, and to help you choose which shows to see, we made you [...]

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1. Jenny Lewis - "Head Underwater" One of the best tracks off of one of the year’s best albums, “Head Underwater” is a doozy of a pop song. Lewis sings conspicuously dismal lyrics (“My own mortality, I contemplated”) over a bubbly, dynamic beat (that she also produced herself), creating interesting tension within a sublime melody. [...]

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BEST OF 2014 ALBUMS: Kelly’s Picks

1. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence I’ve been on the Lana Del Rey bandwagon ever since I heard “Dark Paradise” (we’re all just pretending that her second album, Paradise, never happened, right?). Lana delivers all of the slow-burn goodness found in Born to Die and that fans expect from a follow up. She kicks things [...]

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A History of Siren Fest & 4Knots

The fourth annual 4Knots Music Festival is slated to wash ashore at South Street Seaport this Saturday, July 12th, and we couldn't be more excited. The festival, curated by The Village Voice, gets better each year, with Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Re-TROS, Dead Stars, Those Darlins, Speedy Ortiz, Radkey, Viet Cong, Nude Beach, and Juan Wauters slated to grace the 2014 [...]

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10 Weird & Wonderful Things I Found in Academy Records’ Dumpster

On Thursday the crew charged with clearing out the old Academy Records Annex location on N. 6th tossed a bunch of "unwanted" records into a dumpster, prompting Brooklyn's vinyl enthusiasts to descend on the rejects.  I jumped in, quickly found myself covered in hot pink paint, and dug until I found a vein of scratched [...]

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AudioFemme’s Best of 2013

From elaborate roll-outs to surprise releases, 2013 was a banner year for comebacks, break-outs, break-ups, and overnight sensations.  The fact that the most oblique content could cause rampant controversy to reverberate through the blogosphere turned every song into a story and made every story seem epic.  At the heart of it all are the sounds [...]

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