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Music may not be their chosen medium, but there are extraordinary women doing astounding work tangential to music – these are their stories.

WOMAN OF INTEREST: New York-based Artist and Illustrator Cerise Zelenetz

Cerise Zelenetz is a Vermont raised New York artist who left her heart in Paris. With a striking doll-like composure, stark demeanor, and coy sense of humor, Cerise creates curious illustrations that encapsulate her unique and thoughtful perspective on the world. Her portfolio of work resonates with both satire and emotional undertones, and has been [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: The Evolution of Chelsea Handler

photo by Emily Shur While the concept of personal growth has become more and more ubiquitous - NPR reported last year that millennials spent twice as much as boomers on self-care essentials like workout plans, diet regimens, and therapy – the reasons for this welcome shift in focus to mental and physical health [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Meet Sustainable Couture Fashion Designer Mia Vesper

Mia Vesper is a New York based designer, creating sustainable couture fashion with a unique drive and collaborative ethos. With a studio space in the heart of Bushwick, Vesper’s aesthetic transcends counter cultures - think Debbie Harry meets Marie Antoinette. Her brand defines a world of romance, athleticism, and will leave you in a state [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: NOW WHAT?? Offers A New Approach to Networking in the Digital Era

The three hosts of NOW WHAT?? take questions at the beginning of their roundtable discussion. All photos by Desdemona Dallas. Spreadhouse Cafe is lit softly with rose-colored neon. A group of creative types gather around a table, excitedly talking about art, projects, new ideas, past ideas, failures and successes. There are about forty [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Chelsea Ursin Relives Awkward Teen Years for “Dear Young Rocker” Podcast

Most people would rather do almost anything than repeatedly relive their most cringe-worthy moments of adolescence and young adulthood. But writer, bassist, and storyteller Chelsea Ursin has done just that in her podcast “Dear Young Rocker,” a tell-all, diaristic recount of her time growing up and feeling like an outcast as a female bass player in [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Jacqueline Frances

Jacqueline Frances is a Brooklyn-based stripper, writer & illustrator, standup comic and feminist activist who, through her pithy, impish, irreverent and patriarchy-smashing social media content, has managed to amass a small army's worth of fans and followers of her "Jacq The Stripper" internet ethos. Her popularity is a sign-o-the-times; at this moment, we have found [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Laura Powers of BRUCE Fine Jewelry

Photo by Serichai Traipoom New York City jewelry designer Laura Powers launched her fine jewelry line BRUCE earlier this year with its first collection, “Multitudes.” She is a self-taught jeweler and designer whose minimalist body of work mirrors the dynamic contradictions of nature. I met Laura in the spring at my former local haunt, Roebling Tea [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Photographer Melissa Kobe + Poet Sarah Suzor

Humanity's relationship to nature is a complicated one. Too often, people make the mistake of seeing themselves as masters, taming the earth inch by inch; in reality, the earth is quick to respond and fight back. Cracks in the sidewalk reveal grass gasping for breath, abandoned homes from the recession quickly fill with animals looking for [...]

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Photo by Megan Mack Brooklyn-based Rene Kladzyk is Ziemba, a powerhouse of creative genius and freedom. She creates powerful music, visceral music videos, and experiments with fragrances in her performance and digital releases. She aims to transcend yet accentuate the human experience and our senses. Her work is honest, inspiring, and uplifting and [...]

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WOMAN OF INTEREST: Detroit Designer Lindsay Cashews

You can call Lindsay Cashews many things; designer, visual artist, passion provocateur, digital warrior, pussy enthusiast, art princess. Though the list is extensive, one thing Lindsay is not is fearful. A courageous voyeur of female identity and explorer of empowerment and kink,  Lindsay Cashews is  making a statement - and she won’t stop until she’s [...]

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