INTERVIEW: Pecas Glows on Latest LP After Dark

photo by Matt Allen On their third album, After Dark, Brooklyn duo pecas creates a dreamy dance party that invites us to explore our own morbid self-reflections, embrace the darker sides of ourselves, and change our situations in spite of what fate had determined them to be. It’s a catchy and relaxing listen where [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: DeVotchKa @ Rough Trade

Four-piece ensemble DeVotchKa returned to a packed house to premiere a handful of new songs at their album release show at Rough Trade. I found myself surrounded by fans of all ages in the dimly lit venue, though not too dark to notice a few people around me clad in the band’s tees. Chatter of [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Guerilla Toss at Union Pool

All Photos by Sarah Knoll The New York based genre bending band Guerilla Toss established a month-long residency at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. Playing every Tuesday in June, residencies like this make me question how a band with such a high energy and stamina like Guerilla Toss could keep up with the same performance [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Lydia Lunch Retrovirus @ Rickshaw Stop

The No Wave scene of 1970’s New York City was altogether bowel borne, the sickened spasm of a nihilist made nervous by the violent void of the Lower East Side. It was a pocket of time and space that knew no law nor order. Rather, it was poverty-ridden and putrid, little more than a decaying [...]

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A Former Teenage Fangirl Reflects on 7+ Years of Arctic Monkeys Fandom

Arctic Monkeys weren’t quite full-fledged rock stars in 2011; in the Suck it and See era, they were still seeking fame, rapidly evolving from acne-clad British teens to California-based, Elvis-inspired rock ‘n’ rollers. Though many die-hards consider Humbug (2009) to be Arctic Monkeys’ most expertly crafted record, the LP left fans somewhat confused, in that it [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Surfbort “Les Be In Love” & More

Dani Miller and her band of no-fucks-given cohorts make up the Brooklyn based punk band Surfbort. The band has quickly captured the hearts of the musically saturated Brooklyn borough, with their energetic live shows and their quirky take on punk tradtion. "Les Be In Love" is a single off Surfbort's first EP, released with Cult [...]

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REVIEW: Ultra Miami Was An Exercise in Letting Expectations Go

Music festivals are disappointing. There, I said it. Every few weeks or so, somewhere in the world, people spend a ton of money on plane tickets, festival tickets, and hotel rooms, then spend a ton of mental energy figuring out what to pack and what to wear for some festival that will probably disappoint them. [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Lion Babe “Honey Dew” & More

Musical duo Lion Babe, featuring singer Jillian Hervey and record producer Lucas Goodman, always impress when it comes to their video creations. The video for their latest single "Honey Dew" is no different. Expressing the parallels between art and nature, the two R&B creators meander through a sculpture garden. Adorned in fantastically elaborate clothing, Hervey becomes [...]

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VIDEO REVIEW: Janelle Monae “Make Me Feel”

Janelle Monae has spent her artistic career being inspired by the free. Monae's creative influences stem from the greats who came before, like Prince and Bowie. Her latest video “Make Me Feel” is an honest nod to those who inspired a space for artists like Monae to be their own version of free. In this [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Okay Kaya “Dance Like U”

I was familiar with Kaya Wilkins' Instagram before I was even aware of her musical career under the moniker Okay Kaya. The Norwegian model/musician/actress captivated me with her online persona, a collage of moments she turns into engaging imagery. The world she shares through her social media was similar to anyone’s, but her honest depiction of [...]

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