INTERVIEW: How Team Dresch is Living the Dream

Team Dresch pulls a fan on stage to sing "Hate The Christian Right" at Union Transfer. All photos by Amanda Silberling. Before Team Dresch performs their 1995 anthem “Hate the Christian Right” at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer last week, singer and guitarist Jody Bleyle pulls a longtime fan from the crowd on stage.  As [...]

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PREMIERE: Sondra Sun-Odeon “Roses in the Snow”

Photo credit: Anna Aguirre Time and distance often having a cooling effect on the memory, but in Sondra Sun-Odeon's case, they gave her the tools she needed to sharpen the knife. It's been seven years since her debut album Ætherea, and with her newest offering she steps firmly back into the musical orbit. "Roses [...]

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INTERVIEW: Viking Witch Isabella Steinsdotter Shares Empowering Single “Hidden Child”

Photo Credit: Graham Cann Isabella Steinsdotter, known simply as Steinsdotter professionally, is best known as a visual artist. However, she recently debuted her first single, "Hidden Child," a song about reclaiming your body in the aftermath of a sexual assault. The music and its accompanying video (directed by Fayann Smith) are equal parts [...]

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INTERVIEW: Carlos Vara Emerges a Superstar on Debut EP

Carlos Vara is living his best life. He’s unapologetically queer, and as you’ll witness in his “Confident” music video, he commands the room. His presence is both imposing and inviting. He slinks through the crowd, drawing admiration and awe-struck swoons, and the hazy reds soak his senses nearly as much as the liquor and weed. [...]

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INTERVIEW: Maryze Talks Her Gorgeous Debut Video For “Soft”

Last month, pop-tinged R&B artist Maryze released her first-ever music video - a dreamy visual for her tender single, "Soft." The Montreal-bred singer teamed up with Paris-based director Amanda Louise Macchia for the beach-set clip. “'Soft' is about abandoning insecurities, reconnecting with your sensuality, and allowing yourself to be with someone entirely," Maryze explained. "For [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Marinho “I Give Up and It’s OK”

Photo By Marta Olive Portuguese alt-folk-rock artist Filipa Marinho, who performs eponymously under her last name, was raised on American cartoons and the sap-fest that was '90s rom-coms. Against this colorful backdrop, her delicate brand of snark was born. Marinho's new single "I Give Up and It's Ok" takes the expectations of childhood [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Anna Vogelzang “Beacon”

Photo by Carla Richmond Coffing Los Angeles isn't the never-ending traffic slog that people may imagine when they visualize the City of Angels. It's a breathtaking metropolis surrounded by mountains, hugged by the ocean on one side and the desert on the other. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Anna Vogelzang embraces the wild and [...]

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INTERVIEW: Colleen D’Agostino on Motherhood, The Material, and New Sleepwalk EP

Colleen D'Agostino has been in the game for a few years now, first as the lead singer of The Material, then as a collaborator with deadmau5, a relationship that spawned the platinum-certified single, “Seeya." On her second solo EP Sleepwalk, D'Agostino collaborated with producer EEKKOO, honing a mature, restrained sound that acts as the perfect [...]

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PREMIERE: Erin Bowman Lays it All Out on the Table in ‘Spilled Milk’

Erin Bowman follows the singer-songwriter playbook for conveying vulnerability in her new song, “Spilled Milk,” premiering on Audiofemme. The rising star made a name for herself when her irresistibly catchy hit “Good Time Good Life” was featured in an episode of season 1 of This is Us and promotional ads for the 2017 Academy Awards. [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Kae Astra “Medicate”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana Austin-based singer-songwriter Kae Astra isn't pulling any punches with her latest video "Medicate," which features soaring vocals, trippy synths, overreaching plants, and a farmer from a different time. Its verses describe the quest to heal inner pain, and the agony of empty solutions. "The verses explore the struggle of [...]

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