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It's the hammer of justice It's the bell of freedom It's the song about love between my brothers and my sisters All over this land.   I used to go to the Hudson Clearwater festival every year as a child with my mom, dad, brother and grandparents.  I’m not sure if this is a real [...]

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Jeff Mangum’s Ghost All Around

When I was seventeen, I was hopelessly infatuated with an eighteen-year old poetry major who scribbled Neutral Milk Hotel lyrics on various buildings throughout our college campus. While the school administration felt that he was deliberately destroying the aesthetic of our pretty liberal arts school, I used to glide my fingertips over the words scrawled [...]

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Giorgio Moroder “From Here to Eternity”

In honor of legendary super-producer Giorgio Moroder’s first solo track in 22 years (thanks to the fabulous Adult Swim series, no less), we put on our finest polyester pants and creepiest pornstaches to revisit his seminal 1977 album From Here to Eternity. His third solo EP and arguably most famous, it’s a bonafide Euro-disco behemoth that [...]

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Flashback Friday: Roy Orbison’s “Mystery Girl”

Few musicians have effectively sidestepped the descent into mediocrity. Even fewer have remained truly great up until their deaths, and ascended into legends long after. Johnny Cash, Lee Hazelwood, and Lou Reed are among this musical elite. And then there’s Roy Orbison. Though most famous for recording “It’s Over” and “ Oh, Pretty Woman,” in [...]

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Times New Viking’s Dig Yourself

Here's what you have to know about Columbus, Ohio: it's small.  There's a handful of bars everyone goes to, a handful of shows where you literally see everyone you know, and very few people stick around for more than a year or two after they graduate from CCAD or OSU (or any one of the [...]

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