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Every Wednesday, we explore the music scene in Detroit, Michigan.

PLAYING DETROIT: Six Tiny Desk Contest Submissions from Detroit

Audra Kubat reps Detroit in NPR's Tiny Desk Contest this year. Photo by Daniel Land. For indie bands on the rise, it's become a rite of passage to perform a live set in Bob Boilen's office as part of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series, which has been ongoing since 2008. But since 2014, [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Anya Baghina & Jonathan Franco Pair Up for “Almost Alone”

Brooklyn via Detroit songwriter Anya Baghina captures the feeling of melting melancholy with fellow Soviet Girls bandmate Jonathan Franco in “Almost Alone.” As the ice drips off the branches and the sun peeks out of the grey Michigan sky, the two friends narrate the passing of time, the weight of seasonal sadness and the comfort [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Moon King Adopts Detroit Dance Music on Voice of Lovers

Originally from Toronto, Daniel Benjamin has been hopping from city to city for the past ten years. The longest time he’s stayed in one place were the three years he spent in Hamtramck, Michigan - a multicultural haven tucked within Detroit’s city limits - and that period ended up having a heavy hand in shaping [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Primer Crafts Goth-Pop Gems on Debut LP Novelty

photo by Alex Buks We’ve all heard the cliche - “some of the best songs are written in ten minutes.” Think of the story behind pretty much any early Beatles song and you’ll land at some iteration of that. But what about the songs that unravel like a slow burn, painstakingly dragged along [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Tears of a Martian Share Debut Single “With You”

photo by Carmel Liburdi Newcomers to the Detroit music scene, Tears of a Martian released their first single, “With You,” this week. The three-piece - Arianna Bardoni, Justin Reed, and Todd Watts - is hard to pin down genre-wise but brings a refreshing mix of indie-rock, soul and R&B to the table. Bardoni’s [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Tammy Lakkis Fuses Songwriter and DJ Sensibilities on Debut Single

This week, Detroit-based producer, songwriter and DJ Tammy Lakkis released her debut single, “This is How It Goes,” a mesmerizing meditation on the cyclical nature of life. Lakkis fuses her background in more traditional songwriting and her love affair with Detroit’s electronic music scene, honing her original demo with the help of Assemble Sound resident [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Mayaeni Makes It Out of the “Quicksand”

Call it the Lady Gaga effect: a promising young artist is “discovered,” signed to a label, and goes on to achieve viral success, leaving audiences and artists alike set on the Cinderella story of being picked up and swept away by music industry magic. This romanticized version of making it big is, unfortunately, a statistically [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: February Releases Showcase Motor City’s Diverse Sound

Still from Mega Powers' "Virtual Boy" music video If there’s anything 2019 has to offer so far, it’s a wealth of releases that followed in the new year. February was an especially prolific month for Detroit artists, following in the wake of January’s month-long hangover and a few spring-feeling days that turned into [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: GIRL FIGHT Release Fiery Sophomore Album ‘She’s a Killer’

photo by Studio 29 Photos Detroit feminist punk/noise band GIRL FIGHT released their sophomore record, She’s a Killer, last week - a politically charged twenty-minutes that barks and bites. Ellen Cope and Jacob Bloom fine-tune their brazen two-piece effort with tighter riffs and rhythms and lyrical prowess that breaks down complex topics and makes them [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Kari Faux and Mick Jenkins Warm Up Detroit Post Polar Vortex

photo by Sam Schmieg Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins came through Detroit with spunky come-up Kari Faux last week and it was as underrated as Michigan winters are long. Jenkins, who spent the last few years in a reflective state, taking a break from touring, came back to the stage with a fresh perspective and [...]

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