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Every Tuesday, we explore the music scene in Cincinnati, Ohio.

PLAYING CINCY: Tori Helene Learns to Heal on EP Delusional

Tori Helene, Cincinnati's latest rising voice in the hip hop and R&B scene, recently dropped her debut EP, Delusional. The Natown-produced project shows growth and a different creative direction for Helene, who released two singles last year - the sensual "Straight F***in" and heated "Judas." The mood shifts quite a bit to introspection, pain, and healing [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Shake It Records Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Founded in 1979 by Jess Hirbe and Daryl Kalmus, Shake It Records began as a record label, bolstering Cincinnati acts like rock group The Customs. Brothers Darren and Jim Blase acquired the label in the '90s and set up shop in Northside as a record store in 1999. While still a thriving record label representing [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Ronin Halloway Soars for the Sun with Icarus EP

Photo by Bradley Thompson For the past year, Ronin Halloway has been hard at work on The Icarus Trilogy. Released a few weeks ago, the EP is a musical collaboration with JayBee Lamahj, with a visual component directed by Bradley Thompson. Icarus takes listeners through a journey of growth, power, and spirituality, all while giving [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: GrandAce Teases Upcoming EP with New Single “GO!”

GrandAce. Photo by Ciara Cruder. You can easily chart the progression of Cincinnati rapper and producer GrandAce through his evolving lyrics and style. Born Jody Jones, GrandAce first hit the scene with singles in 2016 and 2017. Last year, he released two EPs - the first of which, Colors in the Office, existed as an [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Tour the Nation’s First Smart Recording Studio

Producer Evan "X" Johnson's awards line the studio halls. Photos by Victoria Moorwood. When CEO / award-winning producer Evan "X" Johnson and President Cameron Napier rebranded, relocated and launched Timeless Recording Studio, they had one question on their minds—how can we improve? The two tech-savvy music professionals had already made names for themselves [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Bunbury Music Festival Lineup Revealed!

In a huge party thrown at The Woodward Theater on Thursday night, the eighth annual Bunbury Music Festival lineup was revealed. The festival, which takes place May 31- June 2 in Cincinnati, has hosted artists such as Post Malone, Tom Petty, Ice Cube, The Chainsmokers and more on their two main stages. This year's lineup boasts [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Watch Rapper Allen4President Kill This Friday Freestyle

The rapper mentions Bird Box, the government shutdown, cell phone surveillance and homelessness in Cincinnati. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AeH-j2Ad-U Last week, Cincinnati rapper Allen4President appeared on The Wiz radio station’s Freestyle Friday. Although a talented lyricist in the booth, Allen4President proved he’s just as comfortable and quick on his feet in a freestyle. He raps “lifestyle music,’ as [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Meet Lauren Eylise, the Vocal Powerhouse Who Will Soothe Your Soul

photo by Kevin J. Watkins (@ohthatsdubs) "Peace and blessings onto you," Lauren Eylise says to the barista bringing over her dirty chai, seated in a crowded cafe surrounded by people escaping the chilly January afternoon. I don't know if it's her smile, her voice, or the bourbon in her latte, but this soulful [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Rapper Cing Curt Talks Latest Album, Upcoming Singles in Video Interview

Ohio-native rapper Cing Curt first drew attention in 2016 with studio album Perspective and has since grown into a staple creative in the Cincinnati hip hop scene and a promising up-and-coming artist. This past year he released two new albums, Advantage Point and Problematic. We met up with the prolific artist to discuss where the inspiration [...]

By |2019-01-16T18:57:57-04:00January 15th, 2019|COLUMNS, Playing Cincinnati|

PLAYING CINCY: Robe-Clad Rapper-Producer Devin Burgess Will Not Retire After His Best Year Yet

Devin Burgess rocking his robe. Photo by @lunarthoughtfilms He may wear slippers and a robe to his shows, but this Cincinnati artist is hardly staying comfortable. In fact, he's busier than ever. Producer and rapper Devin Burgess adopted the laid-back ensemble after doing over 70 shows in 2016 and, deserving a break, jokingly [...]

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