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Staff Picks – Gabby Salinardo: Top 10 Social Commentary Songs of 2016

Top 10 Social Commentary Songs of 2016 10. “Zombies” – Childish Gambino Gambino’s newest album held plenty of surprises from the rapper sound-wise, and this was one of the tracks that stuck out to me the most. It describes those around him as zombies – soul-sucking entities that only seem to care about one thing: [...]

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Staff Picks – Nicole Ortiz: Anniversary and Reunion Shows of 2016

This past year (for me, anyway) was full of attending various anniversary shows of bands I obsessed over in high school. It was nostalgic and exciting to see the bands I used to listen to nonstop perform my old favorites, songs I still listen to somedays when I'm riding my bike or underground on the [...]

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Staff Picks – Suzannah Weiss: 10 Women DJs to Watch in 2017

Nearly half of EDM listeners are women, yet the mainstream EDM world is tragically male-dominated — which is especially inexcusable given all the female talent out there. If your EDM playlist is a sausage fest, consider adding these amazing women artists to it. And look out for their sets over the coming year, because they’re [...]

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Staff Picks – Jerilyn Jordan: The Playing Detroit Awards

In wake of what most consider one of the most turbulent years in recent memory, 2016 carried a heavy weight. From the death of idols, poets and American democracy, this year challenged our collective patience and sanity leaving no stone unturned. That being said, 2016 reared its resilient head by means of music, the ultimate rebellion. [...]

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Staff Picks – Madison Bloom: Under-heard/Under-sung Releases of 2016

The year-end list is a tricky politic.  You want to be fair, objective, and omnivorous.  You want to be unexpected, but not too unexpected.  Every December, Grammy nominations and Best Albums lists are released within weeks of each other, and while I’m no conspiracy theorist, I can’t help but suspect that the former informs the [...]

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2016 has been a rough and tumble year to say the least. Despite the ups and downs, however, we've seen some dazzling music emerge from its presses. From top 40 go-tos, to the overlooked and the brand-spanking new, we've had a better time on this batty ride thanks to music. Here are some of our staff picks: [...]

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