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PLAYING DETROIT: AM People Release ‘Songs for The Mourning’

Photo by Madeline Toro Detroit-based three-piece AM People released their debut LP Songs for the Mourning on June 15th, and it’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany the woozy heat daze of summer. The record is a seamless collection of apathetic punk songs, running into each other like strangers at a crowded bar and eventually landing [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Michelle Zhu Finds Peace of Mind

On a sun-kissed afternoon in San Francisco’s Mission district, we met up with Michelle Zhu at Clarion Alley. As we sat along the stretch of “socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art” painted by local artists, we chatted about her current projects and plans for the future. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s book I Know Why the [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Jaji Preme, a Flower Who Raps

Jaji photo by @hunt_the_bay Late one cold Berkeley evening, troupes of East Bay's finest music enthusiasts waited outside performance event New Wave Collective on San Pablo Ave., which poured a soft pink light on to the sidewalk. Inside awaited a lineup of up-and-coming performers - singers, rappers, and artists all ready to take [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Revisiting Queer Kevin’s “If I Had Known”

This is how I wrote this review: I listened to If I Had Known for an entire day, ears devouring my headphones as I walked from my office, to get food, to my home, and again as I rode the bus downtown, where I was set to be a Legal Observer at a political action, [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Kimball On Their Emotionally Charged EP ‘North Wilson’

Metro Detroit-based indie rockers Kimball are wise beyond their years. Although lead songwriters and singers Austin McCauley and Emily Barr are only 19 and 20 years-old, respectively, their music possesses an insight about the world that suggests a lifetime of hard lessons learned early. Their latest single, “Guns,” exemplifies this worldly view, and was written [...]

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HIGH NOTES: This Is What Music Does to Your Brain

On October 10, 2017, I was plotting my escape from my boyfriend's squished studio apartment. Everything about it made me want to scream: the way his beard felt on my face when he went weeks without shaving, the pizza boxes he'd carelessly strewn all over the kitchen, the obnoxious Homer-Simpson-like "doh" he emitted when he [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Ancient Language Embraces Change on Third LP ‘HYGGE’

Photo by Paul Stevens Ancient Language exists on a metamorphic scale, constantly shapeshifting to fit the change of the seasons – or life – of original founder Christopher Jarvis. Jarvis started Ancient Language in 2011 as a solo hip-hop/house project, but in the last seven years his music has gone through many different iterations. Most [...]

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ONLY NOISE: Glenn Branca’s Final Ascension

I wound up at the Kitchen sort of by mistake. It was a Tuesday - February 23rd, 2016 to be precise. It had been a year since the worst week of my life, and sitting at my desk after a long day of designing women’s underwear, I longed for a little culture that evening, a [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Virginia Violet & The Rays Modernize Motown with ‘On the Fringe’

Born from a chance meeting in 2016, Virginia Violet and The Rays is the brainchild of musicians Virginia Nastase and Joe Myers. When the two met two years ago, the musical chemistry was incendiary. “We started cranking out songs like it was our last day on earth,” says Myers. Since then, the duo has grown [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Silence Is The Noise Uplifts Black Women With “Nappy”

Detroit-based singer-songwriter Silence Is The Noise (Jewell Bell) has returned after a three-year hiatus with “Nappy,” a striking “love song for black women.” The song is a positive, empowering ode dedicated to uplifting black women and celebrating physical characteristics that have “historically been derided by white supremacy and make black women who they uniquely are.” [...]

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