Von Sell Returns with Glittering New Single, “Digital Sleep”


1. Tell us about the writing process behind Digital Sleep?

This is one of those songs that I’ve been writing piece by piece over the last year or so, and just kept revisiting every couple of months. Originally it was actually an offshoot of another song I wrote I while back. It was just piano, a lead vocal and some minor drums at first… and before I knew it I had about 60 vocal tracks on my hands :) – I swear I don’t remember what happened in between; I never do!

2. What’s behind the name and the general concept of the song? 

I think I’m guilty of mixing metaphors here. The initial working title of the song was “wake up”, but I thought that was a little on the nose. One way or the other I keep coming back to describing some sort of trance in the song… “Digital Sleep” can – to me – refer to anything from a very basic state of being in which you’re almost reduced to Ones and Zeros, in which everything – in it’s foundation – is reduced to Ones and Zeros. To the complete opposite, in which there there is no basic state of being, because we’ve skipped the analogue – so to speak – and jumped straight to the digital. See, I’m mixing metaphors!

3. How has your work evolved over the past few years since you started releasing music?

Not enough! I feel like I’m still scratching the surface to be honest. I think I’ve become more surgical as to how I produce music, but am still working off of the same creative and intellectual repertoire in a way. Not that the ideas are the same, I have a new idea for a song almost every day, it’s just that the ground on which they grow hasn’t changed much. I think I execute these ideas in a more direct way now than I used to though… just more focused on the basics like melody and lyrics, and trying to stay in touch with the listener more as a singer – I suppose I’ve been  trying to create more intimacy in general.

4. Will you be releasing more music soon?

Definitely! I’m never gonna take that long a hiatus again.. or at least not anytime soon. I’ve just finished producing my second EP – so stay tuned for more releases this summer and fall :)

5. When can your fans expect to see you live again? 

No specific dates lined up just yet, but hopefully very soon… I have a bunch of new songs, so there’s quite some rehearsing to do first. I’m sure we’ll be playing a bunch in the NYC area over the next couple of months though.

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