/VIDEO REVIEW: Of Clocks and Clouds “What You Need”

VIDEO REVIEW: Of Clocks and Clouds “What You Need”

of clocks and clouds

Brooklyn’s Of Clocks and Clouds just premiered a new music video for “What You Need,” and it’s hella captivating. The video opens with a girl waking up in a hotel room, appearing hungover, disheveled, and heartbroken – eye liner smeared. She showers, applies make up and classic black lingerie, and the curiosity sets in for the viewer. She looks stunning. The same cannot be said for her costar – a slimy looking man she meets in a hotel room down the hall. Oh yeah, she’s getting ready for a porn shoot. The song itself features elegantly placed vocals over dark, driving, electric guitar. Guitars and porn, it’s rock ‘n’ roll, but not for shock value. The video watches like a well-directed short story that does what the best art is meant to: raises questions and leaves you wanting more.

Listen to the track via Soundcloud here:

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