VIDEO OF THE WEEK: This Stone Is Starting To Bleed

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In preparation for the release of their debut full-length, here’s this week’s featured video: Roman Remains’ “This Stone is Starting to Bleed.” The electronic pop duo is the side project of English band The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss and Toby Butler, who got together with director Marcus McSweeney to bring their first single to life.

“This Stone is Starting to Bleed,” the first track off of the upcoming Zeal, sounds both primordial and futuristic, earthy and industrial, manifested in the video by a shaman character dressed heavily in “native” garb as well as a welding helmet and gloves. He performs a sort of fire ritual on a rocky beach, clouded by a flood of colorful smoke and watched from afar by Moss and Butler.

For the upcoming record, Moss drew inspiration from her travels—from Los Angeles to the Himalayas—saying “You can’t miss out on the metaphors that all the terrain and colour provide, the cornucopia but the shit and glorious untamedness of it too,” which speaks to the visuals in the video as well. Check it out below and keep an eye out for Zeal, due out March 4th on H.O.T. Records Ltd.