TRACK REVIEW: Von Sell, “Names”


Von Sell names 2 audiofemme

Brooklyn electropop artist, Von Sell continues to keep us warm on these increasingly chilly days with a new track ahead of his debut self-titled EP coming out on Friday. “Names” is another high-gloss production masterpiece that showcases his knack for hooky, gorgeous vocal melodies paired with whimsical, inventive orchestration and electronic embellishments – features that at one point came off as novel, and which have now, after three preceding singles solidified his signature style, and placed him as a firm contender among the best of his genre. Beginning with driving drums and bass paired with his songbird vocal harmonies, the track quickly disintegrates into a perfectly chaotic, piano-driven bridge during which he asks, “Will you lose your mind for me”, before catapulting us into a chorus that showcases his vocal range, as he sings on the high and low notes of a two-octave span. For the record our answer to his question is “yes we will”.

Take a listen, and keep and ear out for his full-length on Friday.