TRACK REVIEW: Heather Woods Broderick “A Call For Distance”



Heather Woods Broderick has played a supporting role for artists like Laura Gibson, Sharon Van Etten, Horse Feathers and  Efterklang. Now, the Portland composer/multi-instrumentalist is releasing an album that is solely hers.

“A Call For Distance” is a stand-out track from Glider. It’s a slow-burning song that gradually adds layers of Broderick’s vocals, the plucking of guitar strings and the rattle of a drum. The music rises and settles naturally, like the tide flowing in and out. Broderick’s voice is soft, but compelling as she asks for “A call for distance…to force a change without a name.” Her ability to perfectly layer her vocals shows that though she’s backed many other artists, she really only needs herself.

Glider will be released on July 10th through Western Vinyl. Check out “A Call For Distance” below: