TRACK REVIEW: Dilly Dally “Green”

Dilly Dally


Formed in Toronto in 2009 by teenage besties Katie Monks and Liz Ball, Dilly Dally debuts with noisy, fuzzy, lo-fi gem “Green,” their belated and amplified angst blasting through speakers. The duo recently brought in Benjamin Reinhartz (of Beliefs) on drums, as well as adding bassist Jimmy Billy Rowlinsonin (of Mexican Slang) after hosting a rotating lineup for a while, but the main mission stands strong — to pump out raw feeling in the form of messy words and loud instrumentals.

“Green” hearkens back to those garage days, or to last Saturday’s punk rock kegger, tapping into grungey vibes that never seem to get old. Even if you’ve outgrown your sloppy haircut and ratty flannel, “Green” isn’t so easy to discard. The track starts out a bit subtle, with discordant, distorted strains of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away,” enough to induce a trance if only for a few seconds. Then come the jangly guitars and crashing drums, with lyrics equally creepy and flirty and slurred vocals that sound like a weird mix of Courtney Love, Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks. The rest of “Green” seems to hum, screech, yawn and yelp while the instrumentals stay carefully upbeat and consistent, an anxious pop of ear candy.

Dilly Dally are playing two CMJ shows on Friday (12pm at Baby’s All Right & 4:40pm at The Studio at Webster Hall) and one on Saturday (7pm at Bowery Ballroom). Check out “Green” below!