AF X CMJ 2013 ARTIST PROFILE: Time and Temperature

To get you as pumped as we are for our CMJ 2013 showcases, we’re introducing each band to you by asking them five unique questions  Time and Temperature is playing Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Ave. A in Manhattan on Wednesday, October 16th at 10PM.  You can RSVP on facebook or DoNYC.

t&tvalVal Glenn began Time & Temperature as 4-track recording project in 2005.  Though T&T occasionally expands to include other musicians, Glenn performs and records mostly solo, her soulful croon relating stories mournful and beautiful.  The music has a timeless, folk-noir feel; one gets the sense that these songs are beings of their own accord, birthed by magic into the air.  Her guitarwork is deliberate but takes its time, weaving through Glenn’s intimate narratives with confident ease.

AF: You recently relocated from Columbus, OH to Minneapolis. What has that process been like as a musician? Has it inspired any new songs

T&T: Well…I moved to Minneapolis because I wanted to be closer to a music community that I felt better understood in. I have some really good long term creative friendships there that I wanted to be closer to. But, I was thrown a curve ball when one of my dear friends was killed on her bike 2 weeks after I got there. It’s been a real tragedy and basically immediately changed everything in the community I’m involved in. Friendships changed, motivations changed. Also, a lot of great venues in Minneapolis have closed or stopped doing shows recently so it’s hard in a way for people not to have the ending of things on their mind a lot right now. The process has been more challenging, actually. In terms of my inspiration, I still think it’s been good. Having more time to think and feel and challenge the way I do things is still as good for my creative process as doing the rock star thing where I’m just going out being awesome with other awesome people all the time. It’s like a rebirth. Or something. 

AF: Where did you learn to play guitar? What artists inspired you to pursue a music for yourself?

T&T: Well, I started playing guitar when I was 11. My parents didn’t want to buy me a guitar because I was super shy as a kid and everyone at school thought I was a geek so they thought that maybe it was best to keep me away from things that would have me interact with society. I took lessons for a year but I’m mostly self-taught. My teacher wanted me to learn theory and I was like, jesus christ. A lot of people are like me and learn the basics and then just play along with their favorite records.

I actually listened to a lot of metal as a youth and a lot of classical, but I think initially I was inspired by early indie rock bands and proto-punk bands because it seemed like they were conceptually compelling but not like, prodigal musicians at all. Like hardly even good. I figured I could at least do that.

AF: Some time ago, you were planning to release a follow-up to Cream of the Low Tide but only released one single from those sessions. What are your plans for that material?

T&T: Yeah! I just self-released a tape of that material for this tour that I’m on right now. I also have a full length record coming out in a few months but I wanted to keep doing short run releases before that record comes out.

AF: Your songs seem so personal and yet you deliver them unflinchingly. Do you ever get nervous sharing your work in intimate spaces? Does it make you more nervous to play for strangers or for people you know? 

T&T: I initially thought this said “does it make you more nervous to play for stranglers”.

I totally get nervous. It always depends, it depends on the crowd. Nerves are always good for me. I get more worried when I’m not nervous. It means my head is not in what I’m doing.

AF: What kind of bird makes the worst sound?

T&T: Lovebirds, definitely. The bird kind and the human kind.

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