With the impending release of their third studio record, Love Is Dead, slated for release May 25, Scottish synth-poppers CHVRCHES shared a video for the LP’s fourth single, “Miracle.” It’s a bit of a bait-and-switch, featuring lead singer Lauren Mayberry lit in gauzy neon hues, her voice sweet from the song’s first notes. But the glimmer fades to a heavy drop, her vocals distorted with ’90s alt-rock fuzz, reminiscent of The Breeders’ “Cannonball.” The video reflects that change by bursting into violence – extras and band members alike clash in carefully choreographed slo-mo fights, turning the once ethereal setting into a war zone. The surreality of it, along with the appearance of a pulsating blue heart, might remind some viewers of Darren Aronofsky’s recent cinematic raspberry, Mother – but that’s territory CHVRCHES already has covered.

The band’s next scheduled New York appearance will be in June at Governors Ball; most of their dates this summer include high-profile stops on the festival circuit throughout Europe and the United States.

J.Cole released his fifth studio album KOD last Friday, and instead of getting lost in hype he’s staying true to his message. The artist is known for socially-conscious hip-hop, eschewing common tropes on women, making money, and drinking Hennessey in favor of more serious issues like capitalism, addiction and death. His latest video for “ATM” makes a very blatant statement on the perils of addiction to money; things quickly turn dark as we see just how far someone might go for the dollar.

Yes, Janelle Monáe has made our list quite frequently as of late, but with Dirty Computer finally arriving tomorrow, her creative antics haven’t slowed one bit.

While I can’t say the song itself is a stand alone favorite, Seinabo Sey’s video for her single “Breath” is full of beautiful imagery. The video depicts simple vignettes of mothers, daughters, and the strength of female sisterhood.

The Flaming Lips released a 7″ pressed with beer (you heard me) on Record Store Day, and to generate a little more (ahem) buzz, they’ve created a playful new video for its a-side, “The Story Of Yum Yum and Dragon.” Reviving the beloved space bubble that Wayne Coyne spends so much time in, this video feels like an ode to the goofy indie rock spirit of a decade ago, even as the band looks for new a take on the old framework.