VIDEO REVIEW: Rah Rah “Chip Off The Heart”


Things aren’t quite what they seem in Rah Rah‘s cosmos-themed video for “Chip Off The Heart:” Endless space filled with asteroids and planets are all contained all within an eyeball, a T-Rex exists amongst the pyramids, and a city fits in the palm of a hand. The realistic but cartoonish animation lends itself perfectly to the song’s upbeat, dancey sound, while the creepier elements of the video fit the song’s heartbroken lyrics. The words “Don’t panic, don’t panic,” are chanted as disembodied eyeballs float through a forest and an open mouth turns into a spiraling tunnel. And, an anatomically correct heart drifts through space, circled by planets and pulsing eerily as the band bemoans a betrayal by a former lover. The video ends with the sound of the heart pounding, lost amongst the stars. Thanks, Rah Rah, for reminding us that no matter how bad our heartbreak feels, the universe is way bigger than our problems.

“Chip Off The Heart” is the second single off of the Canadian band’s Vessels, which was released in September through Hidden Pony Records. Buy it here, and check out the video below.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Chic Gamine “Light A Match”


Chic Gamine are a revamped, French-Canadian version of a classic girl-group: Three voices that sing in harmony, adding layer upon layer to one unwavering line, breaking off in separate tendrils before twisting together again. On their upcoming album, Light A Match, they’re taking the concept to a whole new level. Though they took a five year break between releases, it was spent evolving their sound, and finding a new collaborator in the Montreal producer Sébastien Blais-Montpetit. The band describes how the title track reflects this crucial point in their career: “’Light A Match’ is about that moment when you’re forced to decide what to do with the spark that is your life. Do you snuff it out or do you blow it into proportions undreamt of?”

Chic Gamine’s answer to that question is clear: turn that spark into a blaze. After a gentle intro, the song becomes intense, and a driving bass and marching snare build as the chorus dares listeners to play with fire: “You found hell looking for paradise/Light a match and watch it burn.”

Light A Match will be available on October 23rd. Check out Chic Gamine’s music video for “Light A Match,” where two cowboys play a high stakes game with memories instead of cards.