PREMIERE: Juliette Goglia Gets Honest About Growing Older on “Time”

Juliette Goglia photo by Geffen Shichor.

Juliette Goglia is steeped in vulnerability on her new single, “Time.”

The actress, known for her childhood roles on That’s So Raven and Hannah Montana to modern day appearances on shows including Mike and Molly and The Neighborhood, has proven to be a multi-talented artist with her new song “Time,” premiering exclusively with Audiofemme.

The acoustic song puts Goglia in a candid position as she ponders if “pretending” equates “growing;” the juxtaposition of the lyrics “time speed up now / slow down now” conveys the push and pull of wanting time to progress while also remaining present. “In this song, time is kind of a character itself. Time can offer so many things, mainly healing, but the agony of sitting through time can be unbearable,” Goglia says, adding that she was “pissed at time itself” while writing the track. “I wanted to speed up to the part of life where I have everything figured out (does that even exist?), but I also am in an industry that fetishizes youth, so I’m terrified of aging and losing relevance.”

Throughout the song, Goglia confronts her battle with depression and anxiety. Stemming from a relationship she was in at the time, the singer gets brutally honest with herself as she admits that it was difficult to not only watch her partner’s career thrive, but her peers’ as well. The lyrics navigate the conflicting feeling of being happy for him while struggling to accept her own situation and the insecurities she felt. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch you succeed / does pretending that you’re winning secure the trophy / does the trophy mean that everyone will like me?” she sings with a gentle voice filled with curiosity.

Goglia cites these powerful lines as the “scariest” to write, as she questions the legitimacy of manifesting one’s destiny. “I’m pondering ‘does envisioning you have what you want, secure what you want?’” she explains. “I was feeling isolated and unsupported by peers and seeing people around my age ‘blowing up’ and everyone posting about them and supporting them. So I was kind of wondering, once I, let’s say, have a career that I want, will everyone suddenly want to be my friend?”

Goglia calls “Time” the most “honest” song on her upcoming EP, I’m Not Sweet. She hopes fans identify with the universal challenges she relays in the song, while aiming to de-stigmatize depression and anxiety. “I hope people learn that it’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to feel discontent, and we all feel it. There’s a lot of cynical humor in the song as well that I hope people catch. But basically, if you’re feeling something, there’s a large chance other people feel it too,” she shares. “And the way to feel better is to discuss this.”