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A proud native of Cape Cod, MA, Cillea is currently a freelance writer based in Nashville. In between covering all aspects of country music and the Nashville community, she tries to find time to pursue her many passions.

PREMIERE: The Shindellas Reveal Their Truest Selves With “Costume”

When pressing play on “Costume,” the new single from up-and-coming trio The Shindellas, it’s as much a journey as it is a song. The genre-blending act of Kasi Jones, Stacy Johnson and Tamara Chauniece begin by transporting us back in time to the 1960s with a spirited introduction that offers glimmers into each woman’s personality: [...]

By |2019-08-30T12:56:54-04:00August 30th, 2019|FEATURES, Interviews, Premieres|

ONLY NOISE: Kacey Musgraves Still Speaks to Me with Golden Hour, a Year After its Release

ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Cillea Houghton delves into her personal connection with Kacey Musgraves' ground-breaking Golden Hour, a year after its release (and several Grammys later). Watching Kacey Musgraves take home the Album of the Year Grammy for [...]

By |2019-03-18T16:33:28-04:00March 28th, 2019|COLUMNS, Only Noise|

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