PREMIERE: Erin Bowman Lays it All Out on the Table in ‘Spilled Milk’


Erin Bowman follows the singer-songwriter playbook for conveying vulnerability in her new song, “Spilled Milk,” premiering on Audiofemme.

The rising star made a name for herself when her irresistibly catchy hit “Good Time Good Life” was featured in an episode of season 1 of This is Us and promotional ads for the 2017 Academy Awards. Following a move from the East Coast to Los Angeles, she’s now honing her craft for sincere songwriting on her upcoming debut EP, Apartment 101.

With the simple piano ballad structure of “Spilled Milk,” Bowman gives off Christina Perri vibes, while haunting production evokes the emotions of self-analyzing a relationship that ended with a broken heart. “I had been seeing this guy and it ended on not so great terms. I was really hurt and disappointed. I didn’t see it ending the way it did with him. It was a real bummer,” Bowman explains about the inspiration behind the song. “I ended it with the guy I was seeing and started coming to all these realizations. I was surprised because I thought I knew him so well and I never expected it.”

Throughout the song, Bowman gently expresses the pain she felt going through the breakup while sharing the frustration that stems from having a deceitful partner. “No point in chasin’ / chasin’ the ghost / no point in stayin’ / oh but you’re keeping me close / and I thought I knew you / so it hit me hard / facing the fact / I don’t know who you are,” she proclaims. These striking lines are “quite powerful,” she says. “Somebody keeping you close but not too close, having you around when it’s good for them, on their terms. That seemed to be a theme in my love life for a bit.”

While she draws from a pool of emotion to tell her story, Bowman doesn’t shy away from adding subtle humor to her heartache, comparing her disappointment in the relationship to the song’s title. “No use crying over spilled milk right? But actually I was quite upset and there was a lot of crying. In all honesty it was probably me trying to throw a jab in there,” she laughs.

“Spilled Milk” is included on Apartment 101, set for release on November 1, alongside previously released singles “There You Go Again” and “Your Mother.” Recorded in London, the EP includes seven original songs and a serene acoustic cover of “Kiss Me.” The idea to record in London arose when Bowman and a friend were performing at an open mic night in the city and met a pair of producers. Feeling instant chemistry with them, Bowman returned to London several times to create Apartment 101.

“I had such an amazing time recording this EP in London, which is good, because the experiences that inspired the songs weren’t my best,” she describes, adding that she’s an open book throughout the EP, delivering strong doses of honesty. “I am giving details on top of details, pretty much just pouring my heart out.”

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