AUDIOFEMME PRESENTS: Backstage Pass with Parlor Walls

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On International Women’s Day this year, Audiofemme curated a showcase of talented musicians to play the opening of For The Record, a portrait series showcasing women in the music industry shot by Ebru Yildiz, at Ridgewood venue TV Eye. Our videographer Molly Mary O’Brien shot a candid interview with Alyse Lamb and Chris Mulligan of Parlor Walls before their performance, as well as the live version of “Lunchbox” from their latest LP Heavy Tongue, released earlier this year.

Parlor Walls are veteran performers, having been active in Brooklyn’s music scene for nearly a decade. Lamb’s solo project EULA naturally evolved to fit the improvisational approach Parlor Walls takes to writing music, something you can hear on their 2017 debut Opposites, as well as the band’s two EPs, Cut (2015), and EXO (2018). Though Heavy Tongue feels like the band’s most deliberate collection yet, it’s still informed by the raw, collaborative exchange between Mulligan and Lamb, who are constantly finding new ways to transition between the songs in their live sets. Careening between explosive catharsis and slow, melodic builds, Parlor Walls keep audiences on their toes, and Lamb’s confident delivery is enthralling to watch.

Now that live performance is momentarily side-lined, we hope you’ll enjoy this clip from our IWD showcase. You can follow Parlor Walls on Facebook for ongoing updates.