AudioFemme Exclusive: LongArms Mix

DannyDJ and electronic music producer LongArms has released a dance-worthy mix exclusively for Audiofemme.  This 40 minute feel good track is perfect to pump at the club, or blast at your next rooftop party.  The mix is laced with some serious attitude, yet maintains an upbeat high which may induce feelings of invincibility, a spring in your step, or a strong desire to spontaneously break out into dance.

Originally based out of Miami, Florida, Danny Lannof has been on the New York electronic music circuit as his alter ego LongArms since January 2013.  This 23 year old producer has been creating music for years, and his tracks cover everything from electro-crunk to future funk, and everything in between.  With a love for side-chained four on the floor beats, 80s synth pop stylings, and inspiration from Daft Punk, Justice, Louis La Roche, Vangaurd, and The Bloody Beatroots to name a few, LongArms melds these styles to create his own electro funk flavor.

This mix solidly transitions from one musical idea to the next, and doesn’t linger long enough for listeners to settle too comfortably into one particular song.  Vocals sit toward the back of the mix, and are run through filters, and cut up and distorted to obscure most lyric meaning.  Listen in at 8:40 to hear vocals expertly played like notes on a keyboard.  These vocal lines serve as instrumentation and effects, and allow catchy hooks and beats to take center stage. 

LongArms is riding the synth pop/ nu-disco wave that has hit the electronic music scene.  Artists such as Calvin Harris, Viceroy, Breakbot and Aeroplane have reintroduced classic 70s and 80s sounds into their tracks, and the genre has made a successful comeback in countless clubs and electronic music festivals.  LongArms cleverly weaves in this retro aesthetic that fans connect with, and mixes with current, edgy dance and house sounds, so the music remains relevant rather than nostalgic.

The mix relies heavily on the an unwavering four on the floor beat, which is also characteristic of classic 70s era disco music.  Yet LongArms could stand to mix things up a bit more.  He sticks close to the four on the floor beat, only delving into more complex rhythms on rare occasion.  Greater diversity with his beat making could give this track the detailing needed to make this a stand out mix.   He’s got us hooked, so we’ll keep dancing even if he changes up the beat.  

Daft Punk is paid homage to in this mix, so listen closely for hints of their classic sound.  Dubstep wobbles, airy 80s synths, robotic vocoder vocals, and crisp clean beats are all layered in, and the result appeals to a wide range of electronic music aficionados,  as well as those who just want to dance.  This mix is a must have for the summer.  Listen to more LongArms here And as a bonus for Game of Thrones fans, LongArms has an 8-bit inspired GOT theme song remake which can be found on Soundcloud.  For a listing of upcoming shows, follow this link.