VIDEO REVIEW: Sugarmen “Dirt”


Sugarmen photo

Meet Sugarmen. The Liverpool band was formed by Luke Fenlon and Chay Heney, who then caught the eye of drummer Sam McVann and bassist Tom Sheilds.

The song opens with the line “…You get what you desrve,” mouthed methodically in a warehouse covered in geometric graffiti. Sugarmen‘s “Dirt” was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash and BAD. Performed with a deliberate and confident aura, you can tell they’ve brought in the big guns. Along with a visual style that’s rich in rock ‘n’ roll, tight jeans and leather jackets accented with dark glasses, “Dirt” delivers classic riffs with the right attitude. The black and white video provides a retro feel that allows the music to have its moment. The only thing monochrome here is the cinematography.

Watch “Dirt” below: