VIDEO REVIEW: Idgy Dean “The Indian Squirrel Dance”

There is a lot left to the imagination when you hear a song entitled “The Indian Squirrel Dance” — you don’t even have to listen to conjure up the jungle drumming, fringe flying, and Earth romping that Idgy Dean unapologetically displays in her new video. The single will appear on her first full length due out early next year. One thing is clear about this artist, whether she has an audience or not she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants.

With the looping abilities of KT Tunstall (Lindsey Sanwald is an impressive one-woman act) and the edginess of Ume, Idgy Dean encompasses all that she claims to be in her respective, and presumably self-appointed genre of Pachamama garage rock (Pachamama being an Incan mythological fertility/harvest Goddess). There is certainly an organic tribal undertone to the track; the drums are constant, ceremonial and cymbal-less, and the vocals err on the edge of inaudibility, invoking the idea of murmured incantations. But the glue that binds all the mythological luster together is an overarching riff that will make you want to go out and buy an amp and guitar just to play that damn lick swirling around your brain like a dust storm.

But the real splash is made by the video itself, which features the artist in a myriad of natural locales, all of which appear to be from whence she is indigenous. Under the direction of Rachel Brennecke, aka BON JANE, the video captures what could seemingly be an animal in her many habitats. Idgy is captured as a bayou woman, a hunter-gatherer-esque native, an elusive, yet enticing phantasm in a corn maze, and yet all are in the persona of the artist herself. The video plays on the idea of dancing like nobody’s watching, but more importantly features Idgy Dean as a musical gypsy on the prowl. With her bohemian prowess, she will lure spectators in with her primal energy, and that is the essence of the artistry itself.

Idgy Dean will be releasing her first full length album, Ominous Harminus early next year. In the meantime, check out the video here: