VIDEO REVIEW: Dream Nails “Jillian”


This year, Girls Rock Santa Barbara has developed The Summer of Love Internship, its first ever paid internship for teen girls and gender-expansive youth, which allows the organization to continue to provide a safe, collaborative environment in which to encourage lifelong skills like positive peer bonding and self-confident resilience. The internship, which lasts six weeks and pays each intern $500, offers six exciting and arts-focused disciplines: Record Label, Recording Artist, Social Media, Journalism, Photography, and Podcasting. Audiofemme is pleased to publish the following review, written by Andrea Li, an intern from the Journalism program.

Dream Nails first released “Jillian” as a single from their 2019 album Take Up Space!. Now, the UK pop-punk band has taken the older, more bare-bones version of it and polished it into a groovy song with an equally groovy video directed by Guen Morroni. “Jillian” will be a part of the band’s upcoming album, Dream Nails, set to be released on August 28, 2020.

The song starts with a punchy bassline layered under lead singer Janey Starling’s energetic vocals. Soon, a guitar riff and a fast-paced drumbeat are added, with the video showing people of all sizes doing exercises in various locations as Starling proclaims “I’ve got 500-pound people doing jumping jacks!” 

“‘Jillian’ is a joyous banger about coming out, body positivity & [having a crush on] queer fitness icon Jillian Michaels,” Dream Nails explained in a press release, and the video clearly conveys this message as numerous people, including the band, appear joyfully working out, sometimes in an almost comical fashion. The video also expresses a message of liberation, as Dream Nails makes sure to use clips of people working out as if they don’t care about getting fit and have learned to just love themselves and their bodies for what they are. “Jillian” is a power anthem that inspires and uplifts – and it also doesn’t hurt that it’s perfect to work out to.

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