LOVECAT 3©Christian Stemper _ FabriqueRecords

From LOVECAT, the DIY synth-pop project from Viennese producer David Haering, comes a new video for “Song For Eternity” off his forthcoming album, The Great Catsby. Featuring singer Jill Possible, the minimal and delightfully irreverent video shows the two artists seated on a couch, almost entirely shot in grey scale, with dashes of color for red heart-shaped glasses and a bored applause sign. Despite Jill donning the heart-shaped glasses in the video, the message of the song is poignantly accurate on matters of love.

“In “Song for Eternity,” LOVECAT explores how affairs of the heart can be complicated, how love and hate are often close neighbors, and how resignation lurks behind every corner,” reads a press release. Despite the optimistic initial associations upon hearing a title such as “Song for Eternity,” Haering and Possible deliver cold realities, such as “You won’t remember my name, this song is not for eternity” all the while riding an undercurrent that the good times are worth the bad, displayed by use of smoke machines, disco balls, and candid moments loaded with bubble machines.

The Great Catsby comes out September 9, listen to “Song for Eternity Below.”

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