VIDEO OF THE WEEK 12/10: “No Needs”

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entranceband2013A few weeks back The Entrance Band premiered its video for “Spider,” off Face The Sun, and we here at AudioFemme were awed and enchanted by its surreal intricacies and enigmatic, unsettling imagery. Then, yesterday, Entrance Band bassist and director of the”Spider” video, Paz Lenchantin, announced that she’ll be touring with Pixies this summer, and today, the band released its second video directed by Lenchantin, a collaboration between London fashion brand Sister Jane and photographer Amanda Charchian, for “No Needs,” also from Face The Sun. It’s been a good few months for The Entrance Band, and the new video is possibly even cooler than the “Spider” music video that came out early last month.

Dream imagery and an undertow of violence characterizes the beginning of the video. The silent, cinematic opening brings us to a dark thicket, sporadically lit by flashing floodlight, with lyrics from “No Needs” scratched across the screen–“Dear one, the time has come to face the sun…”

A psychedelic array of colors, painted on the faces and monotone dresses of a robot-faced parade of models, dominates the video’s aesthetic. It’s simple theme and variation, with colors that cross-hatch, kaleidoscope or blow into each other as the story line progresses. Like “Spider,” this video evokes a spooky strangeness emphasized by flashed lighting and sped-up frames. Images warp or refract, models arrange themselves and scatter. What we’ve come to recognize as Lenchantin’s signature blend of creepy and pretty is in operation here in full force, complete with a choreographed ring-around-the-rosie in front of a yellow UFO. With added insight from Charchian and Sister Jane, the images come barreling, frame after frame, in this video.

You can watch the music video for The Entrance Band’s “No Needs” below, and the entire Face The Sun album is available for purchase here!

No Needs from The Entrance Band on Vimeo.