VIDEO: AudioFemme HQ Open Studios @ Morgan Fine Arts

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Ma band NYC

On Saturday, the Morgan Fine Arts Building (home of AudioFemme HQ) hosted its annual open studio, so we invited the good people of Brooklyn to come check out our offices and see some live music. We livestreamed the whole thing, but just in case you missed it, here are videos of full sets from the participating bands.

First up, we had Ma, a trio of punk ladies who brought a full drum kit and two amps to rock our little space! We are pretty sure folks heard Ma from miles around, not to mention the rest of the building.

Next up was Dan Goldberg, better known as The Spookfish. We first met Dan on one of his ambitious Mountain Shows, in which he plays and/or books other bands to play on Mount Taurus. Dan’s sets range from chill acoustic vibes to heavy electronic washes, and for our open house (as on the mountain) he chose the former, even covering John Fahey’s “When the Springtime Comes Again” as the sun set behind him.

As Train Trash, Gregory Paul unleashed an onslaught of distorted electronic textures and noise. His gear set-up would make the most doting pedal-heads fawn. He finished out our evening early enough that we got to schmooze with other artists, designers, writers, and filmmakers that populate our building.

We’re not sure when Morgan Fine Arts will host another open house, but we tend to do this live-streaming thing every so often. If you want to tune in, you can follow us here – you’ll get an email whenever we go live! It’s an easy way to feel like you’re right here with us.