TRACK PREMIERE: TAMMY, “Doing Something Right”


TAMMY featured image

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo, TAMMY (Brooke and Aaron), are releasing their beautiful new track, “Doing Something Right”, today ahead of their debut album coming out this month. Containing beautiful, slow-moving melodies that harken back to 1920s old-timey blues, and understated musical arrangements, “Doing Something Right” strikes a perfect balance between high gloss and accessible. Though the track is a departure from their headier more pop-focused material we’ve been hearing thus far, it still retains the band’s signature style thanks to Brooke’s unique vocals. We’re looking forward to what else they have up their sleeve with their debut full-length (and they have a release show at Berlin  in NYC in 12/7 that we’re excited to attend.) In the meantime we got to have a little chat with the two about their work together. Read below, and take a first listen to “Doing Something Right”.

Audiofemme: So I read in your bio that you guys met at Iona in Wburg (love that place!) and that’s when you decided to start your band. Can you tell me about how this spark ignited?

Aaron: I had just moved to NYC and was working with Brooke’s brother at a cafe near Iona. I had booked a show to play solo but at that point wasn’t really sure what I was gonna play or how it was gonna go. So when I found out Brooke was a singer I asked her to join me and from there it sparked. We had some really great initial sessions.

AF: Where does the name TAMMY come from?

Aaron: in the beginning we were writing songs that revolved around two characters in an up and down relationship down in Tennessee. They were Luke and Tammy. We were gonna make it into a rock opera but we never did do that.

Brooke: Yup Tammy is the lead in a rock opera we never made.

AF: How does your songwriting process unfold? Is it collaborative?

Aaron: Yes, it’s very collaborative. We have a lot of fun with it. Sometimes it’ll be my take on a story from Brooke about a relationship or in some cases a break up. When we do that it’s cool cause I can write about something intimately without being emotionally invested. And then Brooke can sing these lyrics about her life, which are probably a bit harsher and more direct than anything either of us would write about ourselves.

Other songs, like “Los Angeles” (which will be on the album) and “Doing Something Right” were written collaboratively after deciding about what we wanted to write about. Like, let’s make fun of Los Angeles. Recently I realized everything we said making fun of them, like their sun and their lack of worry, was actually complimentary.

AF: What was the inspiration behind “Doing Something Right”?

Aaron: It started it in Aaron’s backyard at a time when he was listening to a lot of willie Nelson. We got together and nailed it down and decided Brooke ought to sing lead on it for the Tammy vibe.

AF: It has a decidedly cabaret feel to it which is a departure for you guys, based on what I’ve been listening to. What prompted your foray into a new style?

Aaron: I think Brooke’s voice had the power to turn a country vibe into cabaret.

AF: What would you pick as your superpowers?

Aaron: telepathy, ability to fly
Brooke: breathe under water

AF: We MUST ask: Are you guys a couple? I can’t tell because a lot of your songs are about toxic relationships.

Aaron: we love each other
Brooke: very much

AF: What are is your favorite and least favorite thing about living in NYC?

Aaron: favorite – always so much going on.
Least favorite – winters
Brooke: favorite -NYC and all the amazing people in it!
Least favorite- the subway when you are having a bad day

AF: What is your favorite venue to play?

A and B: Petes candy store and union pool

AF: Lastly, what can we expect from you guys in 2017?

Aaron: songs about trump and maybe some west coast action. Maybe even LA.
Brooke: starting to write a new album!

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