TRACK REVIEW: Xan Young “Passion”


“We had affection, but you couldn’t handle passion,” Xan Young sings on “Passion.” While I feel for anyone stuck in the friend zone, I’m kind of glad his heartbreak inspired this track.

Xan Young is new to the electronic music scene, and “Passion” is the first song ever released from the Brooklyn musician. It’s an impressive debut, with a sound that fills the whole room: a heavy bass, fluttering synths, and Xan’s whispery, soulful vocals. The siren-like squeal of synths and street drumming percussion during the bridge lightens the mood as he laments that, at least, “There’s pleasure in the pain” of his unreturned affection.

Check out “Passion” below, and stay tuned for Xan Young’s debut album The Flood in August.