INTERVIEW: Women That Rock @ Brooklyn Bazaar

Last week on Friday the 13th at Brooklyn Bazaar, Women That Rock put together their first GIG LIKE A GYRL summer extravaganza showcasing women in punk rock & other DIY music scenes, women of color and LGBTQ+ artists & musicians. The stacked lineup included GYMSHORTS, Sharkmuffin, Sister Munch, Monte, Lady Bits, Strange Parts & DJ Jess Louise Dye (of High Waisted), and you also could have gotten your first Friday the 13th tattoo, take goofy (or spooky) photos in the PhotoBooth, and browse through the special pop-up night market featuring apparel, jewelry, art & more creations by local female artists.

We chatted with some of the bands who played below about everything from their bands spirit animal and their favorite release this year to what they would like to change about society today…


What’s your bands spirit animal?

Our bands spirit animal is andy milonakis!!

What’s your favorite single/ep/album to come out in 2018 so far?

lalalala just released a song/video off their new album thats coming out in september and its fucking awesome! Its called destroyer and the album is called the lamb!!!



What was the last CD you ever bought?

Well, I recently bought a CD from this awesome band from Vermont called Clever Girls!  

What’s your favorite NYC venue to play & why?

A lot of the venues I used to love playing no longer exist, but I used to have a lot of fun at Trash Bar.  It was the right amount of grunge, grit, and grime for a Brooklyn punk centric venue. Currently, the new Knitting Factory BK is my new favorite venue.  The room is large,the sound is great and the staff is friendly. All good vibes from the knit!

Monte’s debut single out July 20th!

Lady Bits

If your band were to replace the cast on any television show, which show would it be?

Arrested Development:

Krishanti – Lucille 2

Adriana – Maeby Funke

Kat – George Michael Bluth (I like the way they think…)

What is your favorite part of playing live?

There’s a different energy every time we play, which makes it exciting. The room, the stage, the crowd, the other bands – all of these elements contribute to our performance and make every song feel new and special. Everyone is lost in the moment together at the same time, and it’s exhilarating to create that space.

Stange Bits

If your band were a fast food restaurant, which would it be?

  • Strange Parts is definitely an Arby’s. My bandmate Corey has written several books on the chain and has the hat tattooed on his chest.

What do you think the most important thing that should change in our society/culture right now? 

  • erase all borders

  • dismantle the prison industrial complex

  • pay women of color fair wages

  • eliminate single-use plastic

 DJ Jessica Dye

What’s your favorite meme?

What EP/Album are you most excited about being released in 2018?
The new Sunflower Bean record won my heart over. So in love with “Twenty Two in Blue”