PREMIERE: Rachel Goodrich “Gucci”

Rachel Goodrich Interview AudioFemme
Rachel Goodrich Interview AudioFemme
Photo Credit: Michelle Shiers

Summer is already on the horizon for those of us living on the west coast. Cold, cloudy weekdays easily morph into downright warm weekends. Rachel Goodrich’s new single “Gucci” is the right kind of chill for a poolside afternoon.

Goodrich has delivered eclectic, playful tunes since her debut Tinker Toys in 2008; her single “Light Bulb,” with delicate ukulele and cheerful vocals, made it onto an episode of Weeds (can’t you just picture Nancy sipping her iced coffee with a smirk on her face?). You might notice a vibe shift on “Gucci” – the impish, winking lilt has undergone a maturity overhaul. Goodrich is laid back, confident, and sarcastic as all hell. She had this to say about the track:

The inspiration for “Gucci” came from a place of insecurity. Feeling as if I’m not good enough or attractive enough. The verses are filled with the struggle of expressing those emotions honestly and instead I resort to a pessimistic, sarcastic, in-your-face kind of tone. The tune carries a dark vibe, but by the end of the song I realize I’ve been swayed by all the illusions and distractions in the world that have steered me away from making an authentic connection with myself. I accept my insecurities and can turn them into confidence. Beauty lies within. We are all Gucci.

Listen to “Gucci” below:

AF: It’s been five years since your last album, Baby, Now We’re Even. What have you been up to?

Rachel Goodrich: Man, time flies! I actually met a boy in between that time and wrapped my world around his heart… which has been totally rad. But I lost sight and I’m actually sitting on a couple of albums I never released. I’ve been adventuring, writing and shelving music but finally feel really excited about these new tunes and I’m putting them out while they feel fresh!

AF: You’re an LA transplant, having moved cross country from Miami. Do you still live in Venice? How does the city inform your music writing? 

RG: Yes, I am still in the Venice area. Well,  the beach in general has always been a main source of circulation and freedom… creating a non-judgmental space for me to just breathe and be myself. Venice is wild… it’s the beach that keeps me sane.

AF: I was psyched to see you opened for Ezra Furman a few years back. What LA show has been your favorite so far? 

RG: You were there? Cool! My favorite LA show was probably a recent show I played over at The Moroccan Lounge. It was my first time playing these new songs with the new band. It felt so raw and so fresh. I love playing with my new band. Some of the raddest individuals I’ve ever met.

AF: What music do you currently have on rotation? 

RG: Currently spinning Parliament-FunkadelicErykah BaduThe Meters and The Grateful Dead.

AF: “Gucci” is a sexy song. It feels light years away from the sweet ukulele sound of “Light Bulb.” What inspired this new direction?

RG: I’m not sure! I’ve always kind of messed around with making beats and talking shit… it’s fun for me. But I guess it’s also pretty sexy.

AF: What producer did you work with on this single? Any collaborations?

RG: I recorded this track with Matt Linesch (the boy…reference question 1) at his studio, Infinitespin Records, in Van Nuys.

AF: You’re known for employing a wide array of instruments (guitar, ukulele, kazoo) in your music. Has this eclectic feel continued on the new album?

RG: I think so! Definitely incorporating some fun sounds and using some of the same instruments I featured on my first album, Tinker Toys.

AF: What can someone expect from a Rachel Goodrich performance? Other than some “shake-a-billy” dance moves?

RG: Some funky fresh tunes maaan. Good vibes and vibrant colors.

Watch out for Rachel’s new album, set to drop in summer 2019.