TRACK PREMIERE: The By Gods “Good Lie”


If you’ve ever logged onto Facebook only to be sickened by that one friend that insists on documenting every single thing that happens to them in order to prove how #happy and #blessed they are, “Good Lie” by The By Gods is the song for you.

Whereas January’s album, Get On Feelings, was a solid, sincere throwback to 90’s rock, the Nashville trio take a confrontational turn with their latest track. Singer George Pauley demands, “Tell me ’bout your friends and your wedding day/ Tell me how you’re blessed in every way,” before pulling back the curtain on all the positivity, practically sneering the words: “Tell me ’bout the good life, yeah it’s such a good lie.” The By Gods have figured out the perfect formula for catchy songs: repetitive riffs and rhythms that build on tone and texture, making the track memorable and immediately recognizable.

Speaking of repetition that isn’t so catchy, how annoying is that friend we were talking about? They’re probably instagraming their lunch right now. Ugh. Get ready to vent by listening to “Good Lie” below, and order The By God’s upcoming Phone Calls EP ahead of its July 8 release date here.