VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Chelan “Before It All”


Dig the fresh dirt and check out the music video for Chelan‘s “Before It All.” The new video is the first off  the Californian electro-pop duo’s new LP Equal Under Pressure via Echo Phono. The video amps you up from the first frame with celebrating beats over harmonic vocals framed with kaleidoscope camera work.

Chelan is composed of Jen Grady and Justin Hosford. Most of what you hear was created in Hosford’s studio in the high mojave desert, which explains the terrific trippy nature cinematography, as does learning that Hosford composes films scores while Grady teaches classical music. Joining the energies of a classical background and a knack for the video world allows the two to create videos such as this, that allow you to see all that their music makes you feel.

Lyrically, the song focuses on modern relationship struggles, and other sorts of anxieties that come with being a 2015 human. Some warped problems for the emotional human of today, and Chelan presents them beautifully in this video with delightfully warped shots to chill your eyeballs on as your heart enjoys the music.

Watch “Before It All” below.