VIDEO PREMIERE: Snow Angel “Trampoline of Emotion”

snow angel

Thank fucking goddess it’s Friday. It’s been a hellish month, yet rising above the heated political climate are women helping women. California-based Snow Angel are here to sprinkle their magic into the girl power fire with their latest single “Trampoline of Emotion,” off their upcoming first full-length out this fall. Celebrating the importance of friendship, and crucially, the complicated truth of being yourself, “Trampoline of Emotion” is an anthem for anyone who needs a reminder that they are powerful.

“‘Trampoline of Emotion’ jumps with introspective joy into the realm of the emotional self,” says front-woman Gabby La La. “As human beings, we experience intense extremes which are in our nature to feel. Insecurity, pain, loss, love, compassion, defeat… no one is perfect, but that’s exactly what makes being human so unique – those sparks seem to hold all of the power in the universe!”

The whimsical and catchy dose of self-love features the five women in a variety of Snapchat-ready scenarios that will have you dialing up your besties ready to finally get out of the post-election fetal position, and accept that things are difficult right now, but the most important action is to take care of yourself and your friends. “I wanted this song to express acceptance of these fluctuations within myself and others. It’s OK to be moody, or freak out!” says Gabby, who also plays the upright electric sitar. “It’s all part of what makes finding balance so difficult and so rewarding. As a community and in our case, a band, it is important to be there for one another and act as a guide in leading each other down the yellow brick road and back to that place that feels like home.”

Watch “Trampoline of Emotion” below, and try to have some fun tonight.